Fortnite: Where to find the Prisoner skins

Fortnite’s new Prisoner skin is getting a lot of attention, and rightly so. Like other skins, the Prisoner has different unlockable styles that change his appearance. With previous skins, styles are usually unlockable by gaining a certain level of experience or completing challenges. The Prisoner works a little differently: if you want to unlock different styles for the skin, you’ll need to hunt down keys and perform in the map itself while wearing the skin. Here’s how to unlock each of the skin’s different forms.

Fortnite: Where to find the Prisoner skins

Stage 1

prisoner skin stage 1 loading screen
Image courtesy Epic Games

Unlocking the Prisoner in his original form should be familiar for any previous Battle Pass owners. You’ll unlock it as a reward for completing the game’s weekly challenges, working towards the completion of the “Snowfall” challenge set. You’ll have to complete a total of 63 challenges to unlock the skin. In his basic form, the Prisoner cuts an imposing figure, covered in ice shards and shackles as part of his imprisonment at the hands of the Ice King.

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Stage 2

To unlock Stage 2, you’ll need to have the skin equipped and head to Polar Peak. Head inside the castle and into the tower at the rear of the castle. You’re looking for a desk located in a library on one of the tower’s uppermost floors. Approach the desk and the key should appear floating in front of you. Grab it to unlock Stage 2. In this form, the ice shards have disappeared and the metal mask covering the prisoner’s face will be removed, revealing his fiery visage. The exact route you’ll need to take to get to this specific spot in the maze-like castle can be a little convoluted. Check out the video above so you know how to locate it easily.

Stage 3

fortnite prisoner skin campfire loading screen season 8
Image courtesy Epic Games

Stage Three’s location was hinted at in the Season 7 Week 10 loading screen, pictured above. Once again, make sure you’re wearing the Prisoner skin. You’ll want to head into the Paradise Palms area of the map, where you’ll find the campfire pictured in the image atop a mesa on the northern edge of the desert. You can interact with the campfire to ignite it, at which point fiery glowing veins will start to spread across the Prisoner’s body. There’s also a catch to keep in mind: you have to be the first player in the map to interact with the campfire to unlock Stage 3. If another player beats you to it, you’ll have to try again in a different match. The mesa in question is marked on the map below:

fortnite prisoner skin stage 3 campfire map
Image courtesy Epic Games

Stage 4

prisoner leaked skin stage 4 loading screen
Image courtesy Epic Games

Stage 4 is the final form of the Prisoner, and unfortunately, its location has yet to be revealed in-game. Fortunately, this leaked loading screen offers a few hints: it appears that those fiery veins have continued to spread as the Prisoner returns to his full strength. It seems likely that players will need to make their way to the ritual circle depicted in the image above to unlock Stage 4. This all seems to tie into the Prisoner’s seemingly major role in the events of the upcoming Season 8.

Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and maybe even dragons are on the horizon for Fortnite, and your newly discovered Prisoner skins will ensure that you’re ready to face the flames in style.

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