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GTA Online Short Trips: Everything you need to know

GTA Online Short Trips: Everything you need to know
Kerem Gülen

Kerem Gülen

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GTA Online’s Short Trips has risen to fame for featuring beloved characters Lamar Davis and Franklin Clinton, with the latest update promising players doubled earnings in cash and RP until November 8, 2023. Yet, not all fans are fully versed in these 2023 missions.

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How to do Short Trips in GTA Online?

That being said, this article shares everything about GTA Online Short Trips and how one can start doing them after the latest update.

Originating from The Contract update in 2021, GTA Online Short Trips consists of three unique missions. Rockstar Games paints the backstory with characteristic flair:

“It’s been quite some time since Franklin Clinton and his notorious accomplices knocked over the biggest targets in Southern San Andreas. Since then, Franklin’s put down roots in Los Santos — getting married, starting a family, and even wearing a suit to work. Meanwhile, Lamar just got high. But now it’s LD’s time to come up, and he’s laying the groundwork for a legit, above-board business of his own if he can just pull it together…”

Initially, Franklin extends an invite from Dr.Dre to tour Record A Studios, where players are greeted and given a brief tour by DJ Pooh, marking the beginning of the Short Trips adventures.

These missions, featuring both Franklin and Lamar, necessitate the partnership of two players for commencement. Initially gated behind the purchase of an Agency and completion of The Contract: Dr. Dre, as of the Valentine’s Day event in 2022, these missions have been made accessible to all, with no previous requirements needed.

How to play Short Trips in GTA Online?

To dive into the Short Trips missions following the recent GTA Online update, players should follow these detailed steps:

  • Access the Pause Menu. This is your gateway to all of GTA Online’s content. Simply hit pause to begin.
  • Navigate to the online tab. Within the pause menu, you’ll find the ‘Online’ tab which is your next stop on the road to starting Short Trips.
  • Locate jobs: Here, you will find a wide array of activities, but your focus will be on the ‘Jobs’ section.
  • Opt for Play Jobs. This option will let you delve into a variety of missions – both Rockstar-created and community-generated.
  • Select missions. Narrow down your choices to ‘Missions’ to get closer to the Short Trips.
  • Find and select Short Trips. Scroll through the mission list until you find the ‘Short Trips’ series. They should be listed and ready for you to embark upon.

Rockstar Games has crafted a trio of distinct Short Trips missions, each offering a unique slice of adventure:

  1. Short Trip: Seed Capital
  2. Short Trip: Fire It Up
  3. Short Trip: OG Kush
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Each mission is packed with thrilling scenarios that are not just entertaining but also highly rewarding, particularly now with the opportunity to rake in double cash and RP during the current promotional event.

Kerem Gülen

Kerem Gülen

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