Harry Potter’s box of PC tricks

Harry Potter’s box of PC tricks

Harry potters on his PCDespite being about 30 years old now, Harry Potter continues to find himself stuck in the education system. In his latest outing, the weedy wand-waver must defeat the nasty Lord Voldemort (again) using his special mystical powers. Harry is visibly drained during much of the film, so we’ve decided to put a list of downloads together to help him to take his mind off the freaks that keep bullying him.

Magic Academy – If you’re getting fed up with Hogwarts and fancy moving to a new school then check out the Magic Academy. The academy represented in the fun puzzle game is a little like yours – only a lot less scary.

Harry Potter Screensaver – From what we understand, you don’t see a lot of Hermione and Ron in the latest film. If you’re missing their company then simply install this screensaver featuring you and your crew.

Splendid City Lite – Keep on top of your Quidditch team’s fixtures by downloading and installing this sports management tool.

Ant Movie Catalog – Although it’s probably a bit vain if you do, if you’re hoarding your growing back catalogue of DVDs under your bed and keep losing them, then get hold of Ant Movie Catalog. It’s got nothing to do with ants but it will help you keep your film collection organized.

My Star World – You’re obviously a big fan of all things mystical so why not try your hand at a new ancient discipline. This astrology program might help you predict the ending of the next book. Just don’t tell anyone.

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