A HomePod arrives earlier than expected to a customer

A HomePod arrives earlier than expected to a customer


Apple has recently announced the release of the new range of MacBook Pro, Mac Mini and a revamped HomePod. The latter goes on sale today, February 3, the day on which orders will be delivered and available in stores. However, one customer has been lucky enough to receive his HomePod before anyone else.


This customer ordered his HomePod through the famous Best Buy chain and it was delivered early due to an error. The second generation HomePod has arrived after 5 years of absence and now, we are going to tell you a little about what the bitten apple speaker brings.

New HomePod “updates” its design

The truth is that the physical differences between the 2018 HomePod and the 2023 HomePod are practically nil. However, let’s review the sections in which they do differ from each other, starting with the colors. Apple maintains the black and white, the same ones that were available for the first generation HomePod.

What changes the most between the HomePods is the top. While both are still tactile, on the second-generation HomePod you’ll see the entire surface light up to the beat of the music, for example (and also when you chat with Siri).

Internally, the chip of the new HomePod has taken a leap and we move to the S7, the same processor that carries the Apple Watch Series 7. The previous HomePod incorporated the A8 chip, flagship processor of the iPhone 6. In terms of audio, as you can guess, both are spectacular. However, the new HomePod will process music better, something you will notice in practice.

If you have two HomePods, you can put them together and get stereo sound. Of course, keep in mind that the new HomePod is not compatible with the previous generation. This generation also integrates a temperature and humidity sensor, a very interesting addition, especially if you like home automation.

Apple is currently selling the second-generation HomePod for €349 and you can get it through its website.



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