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How to connect a PC or tablet to a TV using USB

Have you ever wanted to connect your device to the TV to enjoy more content? We all have videos or images that we would like to see on the big screen. There are dozens of methods, but today at Softonic, we’ll show you how to connect a PC or tablet to a TV using USB.

With an MHL

We’ll tell you three letters that will change your life forever: MHL. An MHL works to connect cell phones, tablets or other gadgets directly to your TV. Of course, this connection is made using a device or cable that has the right outputs.

Although the quality of the MHL can leave much to be desired, it’s the best tool for connecting your cell phone to the TV. Of course, make sure the device you’re going to plug in has the right outputs for the connection.

With a Slim Port

An MHL lets you connect cables with HDMI outputs, but with a Slim Port we can do this using even more outputs such as DVI, VGA and DisplayPort. This way, with the Slim Port, you can have a larger variety of outputs, which translates into more possible connections to monitors, projectors, etc.

Needless to say, today almost all devices already have an HDMI, so the Slim Port is becoming a collector’s item. However, it’s another possibility.

These are the two most common devices for connecting your cell phone or tablet to your TV. Of course, there are other wireless options, but the idea is to use the USB cable that charges your gadget.

Don’t forget that many TVs already have a USB port. What do we mean by that? Well, you can connect your cell phone directly to your TV. This will be the default in no time, so it won’t be necessary to use an external device to make the desired connection. For now, the problem is that these USB ports have only begun to be included in recent models, especially for Smart TVs. If you have an older model, you’ll have to use the devices mentioned above.


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