How to create your own DivX films

DivX logoIf you just want to backup your DVD collection or upload some films to the internet, the best and most popular format by far is DivX. This super compressed codec allows you to shrink a 5GB+ DVD into little more than 700MB. DivX Author is the official suite from the creators of DivX and allows you to create your own DivX films quickly and easily.

This collection really packs in everything you could possibly need in a DivX suite. It includes the ability to create full-motion menus, chapter points, subtitles, multiple audio tracks and motion thumbnails. It also incorporates a superb multimedia photo slideshow option to make some great presentations with your digital photos. If you’re not familiar to editing, don’t worry either because it comes bundled with several wizards that take you from A to B easily. It’s also very tolerant of formats from any source – it accepts just about anything you can think of.

Since this program has been created by the inventors of the DivX codec, the quality of your final file is likely to be much better than films produced with a third-party program.

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