How to DJ with a laptop: iTunes playlist problems

How to DJ with a laptop: iTunes playlist problems

Earlier this year, I wrote a short explanation of how to use the free DJing application Mixxx. In this post I wrote that you could import iTunes playlists, and commenter Stephane has pointed out Mixxx isn’t compatible with iTunes playlist formats.

Having searched around for programs that convert iTunes playlist files to the more common M3U format, I haven’t found a solution that works. The nearest thing to a solution, assuming you associate Mixxx with your iTunes library, is to open iTunes and the playlist you want, and select all the tracks, then drag them into a newly created playlist in Mixxx. The problem with this is that although you aren’t copying the files, for some reason you will lose the playlist order, and Mixxx will automatically put them in alphabetical order. I can’t get around this!


However, as Mixxx doesn’t automatically play tracks – you have to cue and start each one yourself – it’s not a big disadvantage, but it is annoying that you have to remember the order yourself, or make it up as you go along. I had thought I could drag iTunes playlists into WinAmp, and then export them to Mixxx, but even that doesn’t work.

More annoyingly, Mixxx doesn’t let you drag and reorder playlists – although this is a problem highlighted in their development Wiki, so hopefully it will be addressed soon. Until then, or until iTunes exports more friendly playlist file formats, I’m afraid importing playlists from iTunes will continue to be a pain. For now, you’ll have to make new playlists.

As always, we welcome your comments – maybe you have a solution to this problem?

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