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How to evolve Applin into Dipplin: Pokemon Scarlet and Violet guide

How to evolve Applin into Dipplin: Pokemon Scarlet and Violet guide
Kerem Gülen

Kerem Gülen

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Excited about the new Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC, The Teal Mask? Us too! Especially because it gives us a whole new avenue on how to evolve Applin into Dipplin. Yep, the Applin family tree is branching out—literally.

Before, your Applin could evolve into either Flapple or Appletun, but now, there’s a scrumptious third option: Dipplin. It’s as delicious as it sounds, resembling a caramel-coated apple you’d find at a fall festival.

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But let’s get to the juicy details: how to evolve Applin into Dipplin. See, unlike simpler Pokemon evolutions, Applin’s journey to becoming Dipplin isn’t just about racking up experience points. When we dived into The Teal Mask DLC, finding out this evolutionary secret was on our to-do list.

Evolving Applin into Dipplin

Ever wondered how to evolve Applin into Dipplin? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. To start your sugary adventure, you’ll first need a special item called the Syrupy Apple. Good news! Both this crucial item and your soon-to-be Dipplin are up for grabs in The Teal Mask DLC for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Finding a Syrupy Apple is a piece of cake. Head over to the Mossfell Confluence—specifically, a charming farm stand at the lower right corner of the map. Stock up because these babies are a hot commodity!

Ready to take the plunge? Open your inventory, pick the Syrupy Apple, hit “Use,” and then select Applin from your team. Voila! Sit back, relax, and let the magic happen. Your Applin will transmogrify into a delectable Dipplin right before your eyes.

As for catching a wild Dipplin—sorry to burst your bubble, but our research says it’s a no-go. Kitakami Island in The Teal Mask DLC is a Dipplin-free zone.

Will Dipplin further evolve?

Is your new Dipplin just a phase in an evolutionary line? Well, we wish we had a definite answer. Some deep-dive data miners thought they’d spotted room for another Pokemon form in the game files. Yet, nothing concrete has emerged. So for now, let’s enjoy the Dipplin we have and keep our fingers crossed for future DLC surprises.

Dipplin’s stats in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Dipplin, affectionately known as the Candy Apple Pokemon, sports a Grass/Dragon typing. This compact powerhouse measures up at 0.4 meters and weighs a dainty 4.4 kilograms. But what’s really the cherry on top are its Abilities: Supersweet Syrup and Gluttony.

When Dipplin rolls into battle with its Supersweet Syrup Ability, it’s bad news for any enemy Pokemon that fancied itself elusive. Supersweet Syrup lowers their evasiveness, making it easier for you to land those hits.

If Supersweet Syrup isn’t your jam, Dipplin’s second Ability, Gluttony, just might be. When Dipplin’s health takes a nosedive to half or lower, Gluttony ensures it’ll automatically munch on a held berry, giving it a little health boost.

But wait, there’s more! Dipplin comes with a brand-new move—Syrup Bomb. It’s a Grass-type Special Attack that not only slaps the enemy with damage but also decreases their Speed stat each turn for the next three turns. Talk about a double whammy!

Kerem Gülen

Kerem Gülen

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