How to forward Hotmail to other e-mail accounts

Hotmail logoIf like me you’re getting increasingly tired of Hotmail, you’ll probably be thinking of migrating or moving to another account. However, one thing that stops me is the worry that so many people have my Hotmail address, that I’ll end up missing a lot of e-mails. One excellent solution I’ve found is GetMail for Hotmail which is an email forwarding program that aims to address the lack of a POP3 server for Hotmail. This means that you can automatically setup Hotmail to forward your e-mails to other addresses. If you use GetMail For Hotmail with other third party POP3 tools such as FreePOPS or YPOPS you can also forward from AOL, Yahoo and many other webmail email accounts.

This makes it particularly useful for mass migrating all your e-mail to Gmail but also to continue forwarding e-mail received in your old accounts. For those that wish to forward to other POP accounts, the developers have created a list of SMTP servers as well. GetMail for Hotmail can even forward e-mail to your Blackberry, it’s SSL compatible and can be set to run as a an automatic Windows service. I’ve found that it can be prone to occasionally crashes and sometimes misses mail, but it’s definitely better than nothing.

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