How to rescue damaged hard disks

Hard driveProbably the worst fate that can ever befall a PC owner is when your hard drive stops responding or simply dies. Hard drives don’t last forever which is why it’s important to make regular backups. However, if you haven’t then don’t panic as it may be possible to salvage some of your data. Dead Disk Doctor allows you to copy data from scratched, damaged or unreadable hard drives and even CDs, DVDs and Floppy disks.

It works by replacing lost data with random bytes and reading files by expandable blocks. The program is very simple to use – simply instruct it which device to inspect, select the files to copy and then select the destination folder. Dead Disk Doctor will then attempt to ‘clean’ the files and copy them. Afterwards, you can then burn them onto CD or DVD with the program of your choice. These three simple steps may be the difference between losing an essential file forever or rescuing the majority of it.

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