How to switch easily between networks

Net Profile Switch screenshotIf you’re constantly moving between networks or changing PC’s, you’ll know what a pain it is to keep reconfiguring your connection settings. There’s nothing worse than having to reconfigure your DNS, SMTP and IP settings every time you log onto a new network.

One solution is to use a network configuration switcher like Net Profile Switch. This allows you to change your settings literally at the flick of a switch. With simply one click, your network settings can be changed according to your location. This includes information about your IP address, DNS and Default Gateway. This is great, for example, if you work between one office with a static IP address and another one with a static address. It also allows you to change web browser proxy settings, change network drive mappings, default printer settings and SMTP servers for email software.

If you are regularly on the move with a laptop or have to visit different clients regularly, then using this program will save many lost hours of productivity due to configuration issues.

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