Ibai’s Comeback: Teaming up with Rosalía on Exciting New Music Projects

The Basque streamer knows he is an important person who can be trusted to deliver news.

Ibai’s Comeback: Teaming up with Rosalía on Exciting New Music Projects
Nacho Requena Molina

Nacho Requena Molina

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Three years ago, when we were all locked up at home because of the damned COVID-19 pandemic, there was a person who began to weave his popularity more than ever. He already enjoyed that “fame”, of course, but with the confinement was his real take-off, the one that made him be among the most popular people in the Spanish-speaking world. After all, there was more time than ever to watch Twitch when we were locked up, there was time to watch Ibai Llanos.

At first, we were all surprised that different celebrities were parading through their events. We showed some surprise, that message of: “Look, Ibai is playing League of Legends with soccer players”, “Ibai is participating in an event with celebrities”, and so on and so forth until this became normal. Now, the tables have turned: it is no longer he who is looking for that personality, but the other way around.

The last one has taken place with Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro, the two artists who are also a couple. They have taken advantage of the potential that Ibai Llanos has -and vice versa- in their social networks, where he accumulates tens of millions of followers, to comment on the news of his latest album. It is not only that Ibai has taken the cat to water with one of the most anticipated news of recent months in musical key, but Rosalía is also aware of the potential of the streamer and his more than 10 million subscribers on YouTube alone. In fact, at this moment, the interview has accumulated two million reproductions in approximately 24 hours.

It is not the first time, nor will it be the last, that a well-known personality from any field has used Ibai Llanos’ channel to give explanations. For example, Luis Enrique, former Spanish national team coach who led the soccer team during the last World Cup in Qatar 2022, took advantage of the Basque streamer’s reach to express his opinions once he was dismissed from his post. In fact, the former coach used Twitch to give explanations during each day of the World Cup.

Such is the number of people that parade through Ibai’s microphones that his former housemates, when it was time to go their separate ways, commented that it was common to go to the kitchen and find some famous personality sitting there, that it was hard to get used to it.

Ibai Llanos is no longer just a claim for artists or prominent figures, but thanks to his proximity, the channel from which he does everything and his way of being, he also becomes a reliable source of information.

And an endless number of events

To this constant stream of personalities that pass through his microphones must be added the events he organizes. Last year, during La Velada del Año 2, he got the singer David Bustamente to hit the ring with the content creator MrJagger (among many others). Thanks to this event, Ibai set the Twitch record for simultaneous viewers with 3,356,074. This year he hopes to surpass these numbers with La Velada del Año 3.

We must not forget that the Catalonia-based streamer participates in Piqué’s Kings League, has given the New Year’s Eve chimes with the likes of Anne Igartiburu and Ramón García, created the Balloon World Cup competition, the cooking reality show full of content creators and much more. The question is not whether Ibai Llanos’ next big event will be a success, but what is this one going to be, what will he and his team come up with to continue to achieve heart-stopping numbers.

Nacho Requena Molina

Nacho Requena Molina

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