Incoming: Unofficial Windows XP ‘SP4’ in development

Incoming: Unofficial Windows XP ‘SP4’ in development

A Greek Windows XP fan and developer is working on his own ‘Service Pack‘ (SP) for XP, in the hope of extending the aging operating system’s life. Microsoft stopped supporting Windows XP on April 8th of this year.

The unofficial Windows XP SP4 features updates for ‘most XP components’, according to developer Harkaz. It is currently in a ‘Beta 3’ phase, and can be downloaded from his Google Drive here. Of course, this SP4 is in no way supported or condoned by Microsoft, and there are no guarantees that it is safe to install. Nevertheless, it’s an interesting development, and while Microsoft is very unlikely to support it, it will be interesting to see if the company actively tries to stop it. Users are advised that they install this unofficial Windows XP SP4 entirely at their own risk.

XP, according to StatCounter, still has over 14% of the global desktop operating system share, which translates into a huge user base. Many XP users are running it on very old PCs, which are unable to cope with newer operating systems. There is perhaps a moral case for giving these millions of PCs more years of service, if they are still in use.


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