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Best Instagram accounts to train at home

This week we’re bringing you all the best apps and social media accounts that can help you live healthy, happy lives even when staying indoors for long periods of time. Yesterday we looked at all the best mindfulness and meditation apps to help you safeguard your mental health even during adverse situations. Looking after your mind, however, isn’t enough. You also need to look after your body and today, and for the rest of the week, we’re going to help you do so.

Tomorrow we’ll be looking at the best YouTube channels offering good workout sessions and we’ll also look at workout apps this week too. Today though, we’re looking at another social network that has many accounts promoting healthy living. Believe it or not, Instagram is a fantastic resource for anybody looking to start working out or generally just try to get in shape. There is plenty of fit and healthy people on Instagram who are more than happy to share all their secrets with you. Let’s look then at some of the best Instagram workout ideas, programs, and fitness accounts.

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Best fitness Instagram accounts

These Instagram classes will have your body in tip-top shape in no time. Follow them all to inject your Instagram feed with fitness videos and workouts, healthy lifestyle tips, and recipes that are both good for your body and good for your soul.

Megan Roup

Mega Roup’s Instagram account is impressive, inspirational, and bursting with positivity. Roup founded a very popular cardio class called The Sculp Society, which became a bit of a cult classic in NYC. The Sculp Society uses fun and active routines pulling in the likes of dance and high-rep full-body toning exercises to get your blood pumping. Roup’s classes are lots of fun and will help you with weight loss and reaching your fitness goals.

Her Instagram builds on the success of her app, showcasing fantastic behind-the-scenes videos and photos as well as more intimate shots grabbed from Roup’s personal life. The videos here are fun little blasts, usually focusing on a single move or routine. Every now and then though, you’ll stumble upon a fab little dance routine that’ll leave you feeling motivated and hungry for your next exercise.

Anna Kaiser

Anna Kaiser is one of a particular type of personal trainer. Bursting with positive energy, Kaiser sees it as her mission to have you pumped for your session. Motivation is both the biggest ally and potential enemy of any would-be workout enthusiast, which explains why Kaiser takes it so seriously. If you’re up for your workout, you’ll take so much more from it. If you’re not, well let’s just say you’ll struggle to get through your routines or complete your exercises effectively.

In this regard, Kaiser’s Instagram page is full of high-energy and High-Intensity-Interval-Training (HIIT) workouts that will vary your heart rate for maximum efficiency. You’ll also get healthy recipe ideas as well as all the exercise guidance, meaning you can get a full service from Kaiser if you follow her Instagram account. What’s also great about this account is that all the exercises can be done at home without too much fuss.

The Rock

Dwayne Johnson doesn’t too much introduction. The ex-wrestler has established himself as one of Hollywood’s hottest properties coming across as a much family-friendly version of what Arnie offered during the 80s. The Rock is huge, strong, yet also sensitive and welcoming. That is of course until you head to is his Instagram account where he shares his grueling weight-lifting workouts.

What’s really great about The Rock’s Instagram account is that you get to see exactly what it takes to have such a huge body. His workout routines can be insane at times but he’s always trying to bring you along for the ride too. On top of the workout videos and behind-the-scenes pictures, you’ll also get plenty of motivational messages from the big guy too. Cheat Day Recipes is another regular feature of the account, which sees The Rock go through some excellent cheat day recipes that won’t undo all the good work you’ve been putting through the week.

Ebenezer Samuel

If you’re stuck in the house, there aren’t much better Instagram accounts you can follow than Ebenezer Samuel. Samuel is a very well thought of personal trainer and he posts a few new workout routines every week. This means there is a vast wealth of personal training content there all ready for you to get into and you’ll never run out as he’s constantly updating his page and keeping it fresh.

The real reason Samuel’s is perfect for home workouts though is that he loves incorporating no equipment bodyweight exercises and everyday household items into his workout routines. You’ll regularly see him doing strength training reps with jugs and bottles of water, heavy bags, and very simple setups including resistance bands and basic dumbbells. The message from Samuel is clear. Just grab what you can and get at it. There’s nothing stopping you from working towards that healthier, fitter lifestyle.

Don Saladino

Don Saladino is a personal trainer to the stars. If you’ve ever seen movies with the likes of Ryan Reynolds or Blake Lively, you’ve seen just how good Saladino’s results can be. The big Don was also behind David Harbour’s impressive transformation into local super cop Jim Hopper in the Netflix smash Stranger Things.

Saladino’s Instagram account is a treasure trove of short workout videos, inspirational behind-the-scenes images, and all manner of quick tips and tricks to get you moving in the right direction. All these exercises can be done at home too with Saladino also pulling in different elements from the home such as the stairs into his routines. Beyond the odd dumbbell or kettlebell, there’s nothing major needed to get started here. Simply follow Saladino on Instagram and then follow his advice.

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