Discover the latest features and price of ChatGPT Pro

Discover the latest features and price of ChatGPT Pro
Russell Kidson

Russell Kidson

Recently, OpenAI has unveiled a business-centric version of its AI language model, ChatGPT Pro. It is currently accessible via early access, and its aim is to assist companies by granting them priority access to the servers during peak usage, thus eliminating any potential technical issues caused by high traffic. This promises to enable a seamless utilization of AI for businesses. 


Below, we’ll take you through all the information we have so far about the new business-focused ChatGPT Pro. 

Subham Saboo, Head of Developer Relations at Tenstorrent, announced the launch of ChatGPT Pro. The release was highly-anticipated, as OpenAI had previously announced plans to roll out a professional plan with additional benefits, as gHacks reported last week.

Those interested in obtaining more information about the plan had the opportunity to sign up for the newsletter and set up a billing method for the new service. The billing method was interesting, as it prompted users to suggest how much they’d be willing to pay for a service like ChatGPT Pro. 

At the time of the announcement, therefore, the company didn’t disclose any official pricing. However, many speculated that the cost to maintain the website’s smooth operation would exceed $3 million per month.

Everything we know so far about ChatGPT Pro

ChatGPT Pro features

One of the prominent features of ChatGPT Pro is its ability to provide access to the AI even during periods of high traffic or technical issues. This ensures that premium users are not affected by any technical errors on the website, and hence they can make quick decisions and stay ahead of their competitors. 

Another advantage of the premium service is enhanced speed in obtaining answers. OpenAI accomplished this by raising the limit for API requests. This enables users to quickly receive responses to their inquiries, supplying more effective access to data and supporting them to quickly find the answers they are seeking. Additionally, this feature guarantees that users have access to the most recent information and answers to their queries.

ChatGPT Pro customers will also have priority access to new features as soon as they are released, which allows them to be ahead of the curve. Subscribers will be the first to experience the latest technological advancements, which can assist them in improving their efficiency and reducing their workload.

ChatGPT Pro pricing

ChatGPT Pro provides users with a distinct and cutting-edge experience for a low monthly cost of $42. This subscription can be renewed on a monthly basis, and is available for a limited number of users to access right now. These select lucky users will have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience prior to the official release to the general public.

The subscription fee will be used to continue the development of the AI and cover other expenses associated with maintaining and enhancing the service.

Everything we know so far about ChatGPT Pro

An AI revolution

The ChatGPT Pro subscription is primarily aimed at businesses and users who regularly need access to the website. Subscribers are also likely to have access to more features in the future. The majority of users will not see significant changes to their experience and will continue to have access to the fundamental features using the free version of the website, for now. They will also be able to take advantage of model upgrades as they are released.

Russell Kidson

Russell Kidson

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