Steve Jobs’ Hilarious Take on Mac OS X vs. Windows Vista in Viral Video

Microsoft's great innovation, according to Apple

Steve Jobs’ Hilarious Take on Mac OS X vs. Windows Vista in Viral Video
David Bernal Raspall

David Bernal Raspall

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In the history of computing, there is an iconic rivalry between Apple and Microsoft. Apple has always been recognized for its design innovation and user-friendly interface, while Microsoft has been noted for its wide adoption and the practicality associated with it. Two approaches that have given us some really funny moments.

Beyond the famous “Hello I am a Mac, and I am a PC” campaign, this rivalry was reflected in an amusing clip from WWDC 2006, comparing the similarities between Mac OS X and Windows Vista.

A long-standing rivalry

The video below shows Steve Jobs and Bertrand Serlet comparing the features of the two operating systems. They start with a sarcastic comment about how Windows Vista is just another version of Windows XP, while Mac OS X evolves with great new features on a regular basis. A criticism of the lack of innovation that, according to Apple, Microsoft presented.

One of the funniest parts of the video is when Apple compares various parts of the system, starting with the file browser in Windows Vista with the one in Mac OS X. Here, Serlet points out that the search function in Windows Vista is so confusing that finding a file requires you to be a wizard. To double down, he comments on Windows’ great innovation in this area. While Spotlight is in the upper right corner of the Mac screen, the Windows search engine is in the lower left corner.

Mac OS X in 2006

All this is accompanied by some slides in which both systems show practically the same interface. However, Apple stops to comment that the Windows Registry is still present, or to point out that Vista must be activated to use it, something that does not happen in Apple operating systems.

Today while we are waiting for WWDC 2023, the rivalry between Apple and Microsoft seems to have disappeared, we can even make FaceTime video calls with Windows users, although some traces still remain. One more than clear is the representation of Windows PCs in the Mac operating system: with the blue screen of death clearly visible. A small reminder of a rivalry that, admittedly, left us with some really funny moments.

David Bernal Raspall

David Bernal Raspall

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