Microsoft SkyDrive renamed OneDrive

Microsoft SkyDrive renamed OneDrive

After losing a trademark case with BSkyB in the UK, Microsoft is renaming cloud storage system SkyDrive to OneDrive.

While the name is changing, and Microsoft is relaunching the service with a promotional video you can see below, the features and functions of SkyDrive won’t change. Your SkyDrive will continue to work in the same way, just with a different name. This isn’t the only time Microsoft has been forced into changing a name – its radical new interface was dubbed ‘Metro’ until a German firm came after the Redmond-based company with a lawsuit.

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SkyDrive is one of the more generous cloud storage options, with 7GB of free storage for your files and photos, plus apps to access them on iOS, Android and Windows Phone. We don’t know quite when SkyDrive will be rebranded as OneDrive, but users have nothing to fear from the change this time.


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