Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Project Next updates Lesley and Gusion

Russell Kidson

Russell Kidson

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Moonton Games, the developers behind Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, have finally released more information about their highly-anticipated Project Next Update. Due to launch in September 2022, the update will revamp the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang experience with updates to fan-favorite heroes Lesley and Gusion. 

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The biggest revamp is likely the full rework of Lesley’s character. Moonton Games dug deep when creating Lesley’s backstory the first time around. Now, they’re updating her look and persona to match better with her history. According to the lore of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Lesley is the adopted daughter of one of the wealthiest families.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Project Next updates Lesley and Gusion

In her current state, Lesley’s look doesn’t exactly scream ‘daughter of the top 1%.’ Therefore, Moonton Games is reworking the character to give her a little bit more of an elitism vibe and less like the poster child for egalitarianism. 

According to images from the Project Next Update, Lesley’s trademark blue jacket could get a little fancier, and she might swap out her knee-high boots for a sleek pair that extend midway up her thighs. All in all, the conceptualization of the new and improved Lesley definitely looks like she went to private school and grew up with a horse in her backyard – apologies – estate. 

Gusion is also on the receiving end of a rather significant visual update, but he’s also getting a slightly deeper backstory due to previous events. The character design team has taken into account that Gusion has now met his brother Aamon. He’s also taken on a more heroic role within the story and his new look will reflect that prominently. While we don’t know what the finished product will look like yet, we’re seeing hints of heroism, bravery, and confidence making their way into his new look. 

The two fan favorites are also getting new Valentine skins. Both characters will look even more elegant, charming, and distinguished than before, with red and black still reigning supreme and the theme for the season. 

Overall, these new creative decisions seem to signify the game itself becoming a more confident and elegant representation of Moonton Games’ original dream. We can’t wait to see what else the Project Next Update has in store. 

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Russell Kidson

Russell Kidson

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