New Letterbox release fixes OS X 10.6.5 bug

New Letterbox release fixes OS X 10.6.5 bug

applemail.jpgWhat is it with OS X updates and Apple Mail problems? The introduction of Snow Leopard caused a nightmare for many Mail users and now OS X 10.6.5 has broken Letterbox – a popular Mail plugin that allows Mailbox users to view messages in widescreen.

This time however, it’s not Apple that’s to blame because Letterbox is a third-party plugin. Over the weekend, users have been frantically trying to fix the problem manually by adding a couple of extra strings to a plist file. The good news is, the developer has now released a fully compatible OS X 10.6.5 version which you can download here so you can once again using Mail in widescreen:


Note that at the time of writing, the developer is running a bare bones version of his website while a revamped one is launched but the download link works fine.

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