Parallels 7 released

Parallels 7 released

Parallels has released the latest version of its virtual environment software. Current users can upgrade now and new users can purchase the full version on September 6th. You can download a trial however already and try it out for yourself. Note that you have to request a trial license key using the “Get Trial” button on the lower left side of the start-up dialog when you install the trial.

Parallels will also be releasing apps for iPhone and Android that allow you to control the virtual environment from your mobile device.

Parallels claims that version 7 streamlines switching between OS X and Windows so that it feels like a much more natural experience, blurring the line between the two operating systems. Paralells CEO Birger Steen said of version 7:

As Macs have become more popular than ever, a growing number of Mac users, including enterprises, find they need to run critical Windows programs on their Macs,” he said. “Parallels Desktop 7 lets you run popular apps like Windows Internet Explorer, Access, OneNote, Quicken and more, even the most demanding graphical programs, without rebooting and without compromise on speed and usability.

Parallels also claims that it’s 6o percent faster than version 6 with Windows sleep and resume now taking seconds. Other improvements include faster copying of files and a security protection feature to stop potential Window’s viruses from damaging files you want to use in OS X.

Users who have already purchased Parallels 6 after August 1st will be able to upgrade to version 7 for free. All other users will be charged $59.95 to upgrade. New users can buy a Standard version ($89.95) or Student Version ($59.95). There will also be a special “Switch to Mac” edition for $119.95 which will include a USB cable to transfer files and a 2 hour beginners guide for switching to Mac.

Download Parallels Desktop 7.

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