PlaylistAI: the app that creates custom playlists for your every whim

PlaylistAI: the app that creates custom playlists for your every whim
Russell Kidson

Russell Kidson

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AI is having an incredible moment in the sun, even though experts predict the field won’t endure past 2026. However, while we’re in the AI industry’s prime, we’ve got a lot of new innovations to explore. The one that we’ll be covering today is called PlaylistAI, and it creates custom playlists for your Spotify and Apple Music listening pleasure. 

Usually, when a new indie AI utility is launched, we don’t have access to all that much information. As was the case with yesterday’s coverage of Formula God. However, in the case of PlaylistAI, the developer recently took to Twitter and gave us more information than we knew what to do with. Humor, we’re writers, of course, we knew what to do with it.

The original post by @brettunhandled was a general announcement. 

This assertion pretty much tells you what the utility is expected to do, but Brett went a few steps further in the comments, where he elaborated on the product considerably. The creator first listed a few other ways that users could generate playlists. The most impressive of which is the ability to find music and compile a playlist simply by providing a photograph of a poster from a music festival. ‘Provide a pic of a music festival poster (or anything with artist names on it) and PlaylistAI will use computer vision to make a playlist of all the names in the image.’

PlaylistAI, the utility that builds playlists from prompts

You can also introduce the AI to TikTok videos and it will create a playlist of any music it identifies in the videos. This doesn’t just count for TikTok videos, though, rather anything in a video media format. 

PlaylistAI also has a nifty feature called Rewind. This feature works similarly to the Spotify Wrapped playlist, in which the app will create a playlist based on the music you’ve enjoyed throughout the year. However, the Rewind feature will give users far more agency over the artists included and the timeframe upon which the playlist is based. 

The developer ended his welcome barrage of comments off with a thank you to all the people involved in testing the product. He also left a link to a post in the comments that takes users to where they can sign up to be a tester for the utility. 

PlaylistAI is a rather nifty tool that takes the work out of creating custom Spotify or Apple Music playlists yourself. However, this is quite a niche technology that likely won’t hold an appeal to the wider market. One of the most satisfying parts of Spotify or Apple Music is that you can create playlists yourself, picking only the music that truly speaks to your soul, emotions, or current need. Speaking personally, I understand the idea behind a utility like PlaylistAI, but I don’t see myself using it. It’s far too fin sifting through music to compile the perfect playlist. It’s a cathartic experience that I wouldn’t want to lose.

That said, it’s fascinating to see the different implementations of artificial intelligence in the real world, and I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot more new AI in the near future.

Russell Kidson

Russell Kidson

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