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Pokemon GO Oddish Research Day overview: Quests and rewards

Pokemon GO Oddish Research Day overview: Quests and rewards
Kerem Gülen

Kerem Gülen

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The Pokemon GO Oddish Research Day is just around the corner as part of the latest season, dubbed Adventures Abound. But hold your horses; this isn’t just about Oddish. Sure, our leafy friend takes center stage, but you’ll also bump into other wild critters like Shroomish, Roselia, and Cacnea. Oh, and did we mention? Keep those eyes peeled because Shiny Oddish is making a guest appearance!

Now, let’s talk tasks, shall we? During Pokemon GO Oddish Research Day, you’re gonna find an array of Field Research missions. To snag these, just give that Photo Disc a spin at various PokeStops. But the awesomeness doesn’t stop there. You also have the chance to evolve your Oddish into either a Vileplume or a Bellossom. Want to sweeten the deal? Some wild Oddish are even generous enough to gift you a Sun Stone upon their capture!

Become a powerful trainer in Pokémon GO

So, in case you’re wondering what to look forward to, we’ve got you covered. This guide delves into the ins and outs of everything the Oddish Research Day has in store for you.

Pokemon GO Oddish Research Day quests and rewards guide

Mark your calendars because the Pokemon GO Oddish Research Day is happening on Sunday, September 17, from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM local time. What can you expect? Well, besides the fun of catching Oddish left and right, there are Field Research quests packed with tasks and sweet rewards. Get this: completing these tasks isn’t just a joyride; it gives you access to a variety of Pokemon GO goodies, monster encounters, and yes, even the chance to nab a Shiny Oddish.

Here’s what the research tasks and rewards look like:

  • Battle in a Gym: Oddish encounter
  • Catch 5 Pokemon: Oddish encounter
  • Earn a Candy exploring with your buddy Pokemon: Oddish encounter
  • Earn 3 hearts with your buddy Pokemon: Oddish encounter
  • Make a Great Curveball Throw: Oddish encounter
  • Make 3 Curveball Throws in a row: Oddish encounter
  • Make 3 Nice Throws in a row: Oddish encounter
  • Make 3 Nice Curveball Throws: Oddish encounter
  • Make 3 Great Throws: Oddish encounter
  • Make 5 Curveball Throws: Oddish encounter
  • Power up Pokemon 3 times: Oddish encounter
  • Send 3 Gifts and add a sticker to each: Oddish encounter
  • Spin 2 PokeStops or Gyms: Oddish encounter
  • Use a supereffective Charged Attack: Oddish encounter
  • Use 3 Berries to help catch Pokemon: Oddish encounter
  • Use 3 Pinap berries to help catch Pokemon: Oddish encounter

All the juicy bonuses you can look forward to

So, you’re pumped for Pokemon GO Oddish Research Day, but you’re asking, “What’s in it for me besides a bunch of Oddish encounters?” Great question! You’re not just chasing Oddish; you’re raking in some amazing bonuses as well.

Here’s the rundown on all the bonuses:

  • 2× Stardust for Catching Pokemon: That Stardust isn’t going to collect itself!
  • Increased Chance of Finding XXS or XXL Oddish: Whether you like them tiny or towering, we’ve got Oddish in all sizes!
  • Wild Oddish May Drop a Sun Stone Upon Capture: Collecting Sun Stones has never been this fun.
  • High Chance of Encountering Shiny Oddish: Because who doesn’t want a Shiny to show off?

A wild array of Pokemon await!

Okay, so we’ve established that Oddish is the belle of the ball, but guess what? This Pokemon GO Oddish Research Day is also rolling out the red carpet for a host of other wild Pokemon. Niantic is no slouch when it comes to spicing things up; they’re including a variety of wild spawns to keep you on your toes. And the cherry on top? Most of these have Shiny versions!

Check out the list of wild spawns and their shiny status:

  • Paras: Shiny Available
  • Venonat: Shiny Available
  • Bellsprout: Shiny Available
  • Shroomish: Shiny Available
  • Roselia: Shiny Available
  • Cacnea: Shiny Available
  • Foongus: Shiny Available
  • Bounsweet: Shiny Unavailable
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