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RE2: The 4th Survivor guide

Alex LaFreniere


Anybody who’s unlocked and played Resident Evil 2’s 4th Survivor minigame knows that it’s unbelievably hard. The mode unlocks after the completion of both campaign scenarios. Players take control of Umbrella Corporation operative Hunk as he attempts to make his escape from the overrun Raccoon City before an incoming missile strike wipes it off the map. You’ve got limited supplies, a gauntlet of enemies to run through, and a long route to run to make it to your extraction point. Here’s our guide to making it through the minigame in one piece.

RE2: The Fourth Survivor guide

Conserve Supplies

resident evil 2 hunk 4th survivor le5
Image courtesy Capcom

When you check your inventory upon taking control of Hunk, you’ll notice that you’re fully stocked with weapons, ammo, herbs, and healing items. While this may seem like more than enough in the way of supplies, you’ll soon find there are no additional item pickups in the map. You’ll only have the items in your inventory to make it through to the end- once they’re gone, they’re gone.

It may seem at first like you’re working with a surplus, but the key here is conservation. Don’t fire your weapon unless totally necessary, keep the use of healing items to a bare minimum, and try to make strategic use of your backup weapons like grenades and knives. In the case of backup weapons especially, you may have to make a judgment call to swallow some damage if it means preserving those weapons for use later. Your escape route is long and filled with enemies, and the last thing you want is to be caught with no way to survive.

Move, Don’t Shoot

resident evil 2 hunk 4th survivor stairs route
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As stated above, supplies are limited, and that includes ammo. You’ll start the game with four weapons: an LE-5 submachine gun, W-870 shotgun, Lightning Hawk magnum, and MUP handgun. You’ll also have a bit of backup ammo for each weapon, and some gunpowder to use as you please. We strongly recommend using that gunpowder to create as many shotgun shells as you can: the shotgun is your most efficient gun, easily taking down a zombie in a single headshot and allowing you to keep moving.

Also to that end, we recommend using your weapons in descending order of power: shotgun first, then submachine gun, then handgun. Once you run dry with one weapon, switch to the next. The magnum, however, we recommend keeping in reserve for special circumstances, such as dealing with powerful enemies like Lickers or other obstacles that need to be quickly dispatched.

As a general rule, you want to be constantly moving forward. Your goal shouldn’t be to kill enemies, but rather to move past them. Thus, go for headshots with the handgun and shotgun to kill or stun enemies in your path, and use the submachine gun to sweep their legs and stagger them. Whenever possible, try to quickly run past enemies rather than engaging them. You should only fire your gun as an absolute last resort.

Know Your Route

resident evil 2 hunk 4th survivor grim reaper ending
Image courtesy Capcom

Hunk’s route to his extraction point is long and winding. You’ll start in the lowest part of the Sewers and eventually have to make your way to the front gates of the Raccoon Police Department. It’s not going to be a straightforward route, as you’ll run into many locked doors and there aren’t any key items for you to find. In all likelihood, you’ll die on your first run through. Use this as an opportunity to start to get a sense for the route you’ll be taking through each area, and where enemies are placed.

Ideally, you’ll get a bit further with each run until eventually working out your strategy for that final push to the entrance. Things will get harder and harder the further into the Police Station you get, so be prepared for some heavy resistance as you get towards the final areas.

Making it through The 4th Survivor is tough, but certainly doable. Though the process can be frustrating at times, nothing beats that feeling of triumph when you finally push through to the station gates and see your extraction chopper hovering overhead. Hopefully, these tips will make it that much easier for you to achieve a well-earned victory.

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