Retry, from Angry Birds creators Rovio, taps into Flappy Bird

Retry, from Angry Birds creators Rovio, taps into Flappy Bird
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Rovio has released its newest title, Retry, following last week’s Angry Birds Transformers. Its style and hardness are a nod to the viral hit Flappy Bird, and suitably, if you search for Retry in the App Store, the first results you’ll see are not Rovio’s Retry, but a stream of Flappy Bird clones.

Retry is played with taps. Tap the screen to make the plane take off, but if you hold, the plane will do a loop the loop, so you have to time your taps carefully to keep it going forwards, avoid obstacles, and land on runways. Runways are checkpoints, and at each one you can choose to buy Retry Coins–which allow you to retry the level from the check point– or earn one by watching an ad. You can also collect retry coins in-game, if you’re skilled enough.

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Retry does get the compelling ‘one more go’ thing right, and its controls are firm but fair. It’s not as tough as Flappy Bird at all. Landing is also pretty generous – you don’t need to be as perfect as you’d think! The free to play parts do get in the way a little, slowing you down, but not enough to be too annoying.

Download Retry for iOS and Android.

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