Simple communication app Yo gets new features

Simple communication app Yo gets new features

Yo, the simple communication app that lets you say ‘Yo’ to your friends and contacts, has been updated with some new features. Now there’s more to Yo than just ‘Yo!’.

Update 1.1.0 adds optional user profiles with real names, link attachments, the ‘Official Yo Index‘ and hashtags.

Now you can swipe right on any username, and you’ll see a user profile with photo and the user’s real name, if they chose to add one. Yo hopes this will reduce occasional confusion about who a ‘yo’ has come from.

Link Attachments allow to you add a link to your Yo, which is opened by the recipient simply tapping the Yo they receive. The Official Yo Index is a list where you can see services that can Yo – you can get Yo alerts for all sorts of things, like RSS feeds of websites, or notifications of earthquakes.

You can now create hashtags to show your support for a cause, a celebrity, or other various topics. Alternatively, you can Yo an existing hashtag to show your love for it.

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