Snapchat reaches historic technological milestone by creating selfie filters for cats


Nearly 50 years ago, the greatest technological innovation ever seen was the moon landing.

When the Apollo 11’s lunar module landed on the moon and Neil Armstrong spoke his famous words, everyone watching knew that their lives were about to change forever. For centuries, humanity gazed at the moon, sitting brightly among the stars, humbled by its foreboding size and unending glow. At last, in 1969 humanity had conquered the moon and seemingly achieved technological control over the universe. For a long time, I wondered what my generation’s “moon landing” would be. Something that challenges the limits of human potential and achieves the impossible. While scrolling through Twitter on October 12, 2018, I finally received my answer.

I sat, jaw agape. Was it possible? Had Snapchat truly done it? For years, cats being left in the dust while their human friends enjoyed the thrills and silliness of Snapchat filters had been the cause of countless suffering. Animal rights groups worldwide chanted the same question: If humans are so worthy of Snapchat filters, why aren’t cats? What unspeakable crime have cats committed that they aren’t able to enjoy a flower crown like the rest of us? Thankfully, cats and their human allies can now rest easy that their efforts weren’t in vain.

With this new technological revelation, everything changes: politics, religion, questions on what it means to be human. No conversation will be the same after humanity was able to put bread on a cat.

It’s truly inspiring what humanity can accomplish when everyone works together towards some unobtainable, world-changing goal. For years, cat selfies seemed so far away that no one dared to even try. Snapchat should be proud, because they now have truly left their mark on the world for centuries to come. Edison had the lightbulb, the Wright brothers had the plane, Bell had the phone, and now, as we witness it today Snapchat has the cat selfie.

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