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8 Software Solutions for Consultants in 2023

Explore the top 8 software for consultants in 2023 with comprehensive details on overview, use cases, key features, and pricing

8 Software Solutions for Consultants in 2023
Sabina Sher

Sabina Sher

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Technology developments in fields like finance, human resources and marketing have trickled down to the sales floor in recent decades, resulting in a digital transformation makeover for the sales industry. The process of making decisions is made easier for sales directors and managers now that they have access to a variety of snazzy reports, predictions and artificial intelligence data analysis. 

A sales representative’s responsibilities extend far beyond simply making transactions. Salespeople also need to be experts in teamwork and leadership.

And this is where they need the help of modern best software for sales reps.

For this matter, we’ve compiled a list of 8 software for consultants to help sales reps win more business and work smarter.

Project management software

FuseBase (formerly Nimbus)


FuseBase (formerly Nimbus) is an efficient client collaboration tool incorporating key project management software features, which makes it the go-to choice for business consultants in search of effective project management tools. This flexible project management software simplifies collaboration by consolidating various content types on one accessible page that can then be shared via a link with anyone. At the same time, our popular project management tool offers customizable no-code client portals to create seamless user experiences and promote your brand. You can integrate professional email addresses, super documents, customizable interactive tables and external content seamlessly—giving business reps everything they need to streamline workflow and boost productivity effectively!

Who uses FuseBase (formerly Nimbus)?

FuseBase (formerly Nimbus) is a client collaboration software that embraces project management software features and is widely utilized by sales teams, managers and professionals seeking to streamline project management, collaborate more closely with multiple clients and enhance overall productivity.

Best Features:

  • Super documents. FuseBase (formerly Nimbus) project management software lets you consolidate multi-format information onto the same page (a super document), including text, images, audio/video files and PDFs. Various FuseBase (formerly Nimbus) objects like buttons and hints toggles can assist teams & clients in navigating your pages more smoothly while increasing conversion rates as they highlight/sort information while increasing conversion rates overall and beyond!
  • Client Portals. FuseBase Portals allows you to quickly build no-code websites to enhance client experiences and manage projects, providing your clients with a superior user experience and keeping project info updated.
  • FuseBase AI. This feature makes your work simpler! Leave all the tedious, menial tasks to our AI assistant—FuseBase AI will assist in writing original and revised content from scratch or editing existing material. One key advantage of choosing FuseBase AI over competing tools like ChatGPT or Claude is its ability to generate and store responses directly in place—no need for switching tools when everything works seamlessly together.
  • Kanban boards. These boards provide an efficient method for monitoring multiple projects’ workload. By allocating resources efficiently and preventing task overloads, Kanban boards allow you to visualize and track progress while quickly pinpointing bottlenecks effectively; you can customize workflows according to any given project while organizing tasks by assignee, status, or initiative.


  • Free plan is available
  • Paid plans start from $9/user/month


Trello project management software is one of the best consulting tools that facilitates team collaboration by providing a central location for weekly meeting agendas, employee progress plans, document storage and the ability to delegate tasks. This project management tool is the nerve center that links together everything you’re working on and displays deadlines, progress and team comments in one convenient location. You can connect Zoom for video calls, Jira, Slack and Google Drive tickets and files to keep everything in one place and maintain an open line of communication with clear and understandable expectations. Trello stands out for its ease of use and visual elements. Business consultants can create boards, lists and cards to manage projects efficiently, track progress and collaborate with team members—it’s ideal for those who prefer an effortless solution!

Who uses Trello?

Sales managers and consulting business professionals have long used this project management software to effectively organize pipelines, improve team communication, track leads, coordinate sales efforts and oversee sales pipelines.

Best features:

  • Templates. Give your team an easy roadmap for success with expert-developed and community-sourced Trello templates that you can utilize immediately.
  • Automation. Butler Automation makes task management and workflow automation simple, helping you efficiently track projects! Use Butler to create tasks and streamline processes.
  • Integrations. Find mobile apps your team already uses or discover innovative new methods of accomplishing work through Trello.
  • Power Up Your Teams. Energize your teams’ work processes by linking their favorite tools with Trello plugins.


  • Free trial available
  • Standard – $5/user/month 
  • Premium – $10/user/month 
  • Enterprise – $17.50/user/month

Client management software

Salesforce Sales Cloud

Sales Cloud 360 software for consultants is an industry-leading solution that also offers strong marketing software features. It has powered top sales organizations worldwide with the most popular customer relationship management (CRM) tool. Sales Cloud 360 helps businesses of all shapes, sizes and sectors across the globe to quickly and easily increase their ROI. Boost sales team efficiency through data-driven selling by rolling out industry-specific tools and best practices in record time, including the ability to create comprehensive proposals. 

Salesforce is the best CRM software that offers robust client management and collaboration features to assist sales reps in tracking leads, managing contacts and overseeing sales activities.

Who uses Salesforce Sales Cloud?

Salesforce’s multi-tenant cloud-based platform may accommodate the requirements of any business consulting firm operating in sales or any other sector.

Best features:

  • Activity Management. Get a 360-degree perspective of your customer knowledge base by centralizing your email marketing and other customer engagement operations on a single platform and automating their synchronization.
  • Forecast Management. Control your projections in a timely manner. Adjust key performance indicators on the fly to maximize precision and modify KPIs so they better reflect your company’s needs.
  • Workflow & Process Automation. Build processes easily using drag-and-drop simplicity. Streamline time-consuming sales procedures. Control and oversee all territory-related matters.
  • Lead Management. You can access your to-do list from anywhere in Salesforce, allowing you to stay on top of your day and respond to customers wherever they may be.


  • Starter – $25/user/month
  • Professional – $80/user/month
  • Enterprise – $165/user/month


Nowadays, many consultants choose Insightly because it is a cutting-edge CRM software that doesn’t break the bank. It’s user-friendly, flexible and scalable, meaning it can accommodate businesses of all sizes while addressing the problems that traditional CRMs face. Insightly is a software for consultants that improves sales teams’ ability to generate leads, close deals and retain customers while offering robust features for task management and the entire proposal process. It provides customer relationship management (CRM) and project management features, making it an excellent solution for management consultants who must oversee client relationships and projects simultaneously.

Leads, contacts, emails, events, quotations, projects, tasks, opportunities and business reports can all be managed in a single, secure, scalable CRM that is simple to use.

Who uses Insightly?

Good CRM software for any rapidly expanding company needing a scalable, robust and inexpensive cloud-based system.

Best features:

  • Opportunity and Lead Management for Sales. Gain speed in your sales procedure and get the most out of your pipelines by using them to monitor, handle and cultivate business deals, including the business management and proposal process. Find out what’s driving success and what could go wrong for your company.
  • Validation Rules & Advanced Permissions. Maintain accurate records, collect useful information and provide satisfying services. Adding validation rules to all of your CRM’s most important fields and objects can greatly increase its usefulness to your company. 
  • Products, Price Books & Quotes. Make it simple for customers to buy from you by keeping detailed records of all the services you offer. Facilitate process enhancement and clarity by ensuring that the appropriate goods are being added to the appropriate opportunities at the appropriate cost. Get direct access to deal velocity, configuration and pricing quotes.
  • Customizable CRM. Every company is different. Adjust the CRM settings and data to fit your company’s workflow. You can save money by avoiding the need for costly outside developers thanks to Insightly’s straightforward and intuitive customization features.


  • Plus – $ 29/user /month
  • Professional – $49/user /month
  • Enterprise – $ 99/user /month

Time tracking software

Toggl Track

Toggle is an adaptable time-tracking tool suitable for teams of any size. Multiple devices can be tracked simultaneously using a simple and straightforward timer. In order to be more open with your clients, you can generate client-ready time tracking reports, export time logs as spreadsheets, receive reports via email and share saved reports via public links. Toggl Track works with hundreds of other billing and project management apps on the web, desktop (Windows, Mac and Linux) and mobile (iOS and Android). 

Toggl is an intuitive time tracking solution designed specifically to assist sales reps in accurately recording time spent on tasks and projects, including an easy-to-use interface that makes time tracking straightforward, as well as comprehensive reporting functionality that provides instantaneous updates on progress made towards various tasks and projects. Plus, it integrates easily with multiple channels and apps.

Who uses Toggl Track?

Sales professionals, consulting firms and sales managers frequently utilize this best software for consultants.

Best features:

  • Second-nature time tracking for employees. The user is at the center of our employee time-tracking system. Their native calendar integrates with your favorite project management software to make keeping track of time a breeze and the browser extensions allow you to connect with 100+ other apps.
  • No employee surveillance. And the workers agree with you. Accurate data relies on employee buy-in; therefore, the platform is dedicated to tools that give workers greater autonomy. 
  • Eliminate time-consuming payroll tasks. Get rid of confusing time codes and time cards. Any member of your team can track time and monitor project-wide billable hours from any gadget. With a few clicks, admins can export payroll timesheet information.
  • Easy payroll calculation. Employees can be paid on time. Assign team members with billable rates and total up their contributions to chargeable work. Keep tabs on the ratio of billable to non-billable hours.


  • Free plan available
  • Starter – $9/ per user per month
  • Premium – $18/ per user per month
  • Enterprise – contact to get custom pricing


Clockify is an easily usable free time tracking and invoicing software ideal for smaller sales teams. Providing time monitoring, reporting and team collaboration features, it’s a valuable tool for tracking project costs. Clockify is a free business consulting software that helps teams monitor the time they spend on different tasks, simplifying the task management process while offering advanced analytics capabilities to generate reports. You may manage billable and non-billable time spent on activities by staff for an unlimited number of users, projects and clients. The information gathered can be utilized for various purposes, including but not limited to payroll and invoicing, employee performance analysis and report generation. Since data is stored and synced in the cloud, Clockify may be used on any device to keep track of time. 

Who uses Clockify?

The best business consulting software for freelancers, teams and companies in all fields who want to improve their workflow, boost their productivity and make more money with a productive, stimulating and stress-free work atmosphere.

Best features:

  • Time tracker. You can either start and stop the timer as needed or manually enter the hours. With a single click, you can keep track of time and then bill for it.
  • Timesheet. In less than a minute, you can record your weekly actions. Choose an action and choose a duration. You can schedule the week’s events quickly,  send and accept timesheets, and send a reminder when timesheets are due.
  • Calendar. Make a schedule and use time blocks effectively.  Check out the schedule for the day; simply click to block off time, change the size of blocks and import schedule items from Gmail/Outlook.
  • Dashboards. This is the one tool to determine how you spend your time and what your team is up to. Track your time and money to see exactly where it’s going, view the results of your team’s efforts and find out what people are currently working on and who is doing what.


Clockify is free.

Accounting software


Online accounting and business consulting software for small businesses that have won multiple awards. Accessible from any internet-enabled computer or mobile device, Xero streamlines data gathering by bringing in monetary dealings from several accounts, instantly reflecting cash flow and other financial data for a business, helping users manage resources and supporting a limitless number of registered users. 

Xero connects to over a thousand other business programs and accepts various currency types. Its centralized ledger makes it possible for sales reps and their clients to work together on financial matters. 

Who uses Xero?

Small businesses and freelancers involved in sales, accounting and bookkeeping.

Best Features:

  • Collaborate online. If you and your staff, bookkeeper or accountant are spread across the globe, Xero will make it easy to collaborate online.
  • Customize and integrate to suit your needs. Add features like Xero Expenses to track expenses and Xero Projects to your base subscription and integrate with other services like Stripe and Venmo. The Xero App Store makes it simple to discover, evaluate and acquire third-party apps that work with Xero.
  • Don’t let your bills pile up. Monitor your company’s cash flow and never miss an invoice again. Review your invoices, costs and purchase orders in one place; look at bills that need work, have been approved or are due, and stay on good terms with your vendors.
  • Schedule payments. Schedule forthcoming payments and pay vendors in bulk to save on administrative work. Make a single payment to numerous vendors simultaneously; plan ahead to ensure timely payments.


  • Early – $13/month
  • Growing – $37/month
  • Established – $70/month


Wave business consulting software stands out for its cost-effective nature, making it an excellent choice for managing your business process, including tracking expenses. You can create and customize professional invoices, use the expense management feature and easily reconcile bank and credit card transactions using Wave. While its core features are free to use, fees associated with payment processing (if accepting online payments via credit cards or bank transfers) need to be considered when accepting online payments through Wave. It provides freelancers, small business owners and self-employed sales reps the basic accounting functionality without incurring subscription costs for basic accounting software solutions.

Who uses Wave?

Wave is the right consulting software for small businesses and freelancers alike.

Best features:

  • Invoicing. Do not constantly harass your customers for payment. Reduce overdue invoices, monitor cash flow and accelerate payments for zero dollars with this billing and invoicing software.
  • Payments. Get paid more quickly. Wave consulting software values ease of use above all else. Make it possible for customers to pay with a credit card, bank transfer, or Apple Pay with a single click.
  • Accounting. Easily keep tabs on your earnings and outgoings. Keep an eye on your finances, be methodical and stop worrying about tax filing. 
  • Payroll. Quickly and easily pay yourself and your employees. This Payroll system was designed with the needs of sole proprietors in mind; it is intuitive and provides on-the-fly training.


  • Invoicing and Accounting are free
  • Mobile receipts – $8/month
  • Payroll – $40/month
  • Advisors – $149/month

Bonus: Software powerpack for consultants

FuseBase (formerly Nimbus)

FuseBase (formerly Nimbus) is an effective client collaboration tool featuring key project management features. FuseBase (formerly Nimbus) is widely recognized among client-oriented sales representatives who want an efficient project management solution. This client collaboration tool incorporates essential project management features into an accessible platform that streamlines collaboration and increases productivity. FuseBase (formerly Nimbus) stands out by providing multi-format documents, no-code client portals and seamless AI integration—making it the go-to choice for sales teams and managers who wish to manage multiple projects simultaneously and collaborate effectively on client projects.


Insightly is a strong contender among businesses seeking an economical, modern CRM system that efficiently unites customer relationship management with project administration. Insightly stands out by providing user-friendliness, scalability and the capability to meet challenges that legacy CRMs cannot. Teams using Insightly can easily centralize and manage customer, sales and business data efficiently. Notable features of Insightly include sales lead tracking, opportunity management, validation rules, advanced permissions management, product and price book management and extensive customization options. As the go-to solution for fast-growing businesses across multiple industries that need an accessible cloud CRM, it enhances productivity while cultivating lasting customer relationships—standing out as an exceptional option!

Toggl Track 

The premier time-tracking software, Toggle offers teams of all sizes a practical, user-friendly timekeeping solution that’s both flexible and user-friendly. Offering seamless timekeeping across devices for sales reps and increasing productivity. Toggl Track’s key features include an intuitive interface, robust reporting features and extensive app integrations—making it the ideal way to monitor how much time you spend on tasks or projects. Toggl Track provides businesses looking for an upgrade from traditional timesheets with an effortless solution that monitors work hours and gives insight into productivity and profitability. Its employee empowerment capabilities and efficient payroll administration further solidify its status as the premier time-tracking solution available today.

Wrapping up

With the right software for sales reps, any business owner can significantly boost productivity while optimizing sales process elements and improving overall performance. Start by identifying what benefits you require from a sales management solution, then review our professional services recommendations above to choose one that fits you best.

Remember: the ideal software solution will fit perfectly into your goals and workflow, helping to drive sales management success.

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