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2023’s Finest: Top 9 Software Tools for Law Firms

Explore in-depth details about the top 9 software solutions tailored for law firms in 2023

2023’s Finest: Top 9 Software Tools for Law Firms
Sabina Sher

Sabina Sher

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Law schools may provide a place where legal minds are nurtured, but one thing they don’t teach is how to run an efficient law firm.
Modern firms use software for law firms to address this shortcoming; however, so many choices on the market can leave companies feeling confused and imperil their firm’s time and finances.

This guide aims to streamline your search for a law practice management solution. We have taken into account law firms’ top needs and reviewed top legal software in three essential categories – legal practice management software, documentation and billing software.

We can assist your law firm in making the appropriate choices for your firm to improve efficiency, productivity and client management service. Let’s get going and revolutionize your legal practice together.

Legal management software

FuseBase (formerly Nimbus)

Combine team and client collaboration in one place

Looking for premier legal practice management software? You should pay attention to FuseBase (formerly Nimbus), a reputable online client collaboration tool for client-oriented businesses, law firms, and legal departments.

NFuseBase (formerly Nimbus) has earned itself an esteemed reputation as a premier legal practice management software, with numerous features that make it perfect for law firms.

The cloud-based FuseBase (formerly Nimbus) offers a comprehensive practice management approach. This legal software covers every aspect of the law firm’s daily operations, such as case administration, client management, automation of repetitive tasks, email management, and document storage management.

This law practice management solution allows you to streamline law practice processes, including task management in internal workspaces and client collaboration in portals, for maximum efficiency.

See FuseBase (formerly Nimbus) as a restaurant operating in two key zones: the kitchen and the dining room. The kitchen serves as a bustling hub where all the productive groundwork happens, while the dining room is a presentable and well-designed place to impress clients with top-notch experiences.

FuseBase (formerly Nimbus) is an easily customizable cloud-based law practice management software that gives you advanced online tools tailored to meet your unique needs and help optimize law practice operations.

This law practice software stands out with its user-friendly interface as one of its major selling points. Specifically designed to accommodate lawyers and staff alike, its intuitive navigation and layout enable a quick learning curve and increase its accessibility.

FuseBase (formerly Nimbus) supports 2000+ integrations and provides AI-driven features that will integrate seamlessly with your practice management systems, accelerate your creative process, and streamline projects so you can accomplish more with less effort and time spent.

Who uses FuseBase (formerly Nimbus)?

FuseBase (formerly Nimbus) is a popular all-in-one solution for client-oriented professional law services within the legal field, including law firms, business legal departments, and legal professionals who work with clients and require comprehensive practice management and document management solutions.

Key features

  • White-labeled Client Portals. Set up cloud-based, no-code client portals under your legal practice brand to deliver exceptional client experiences and maintain a professional image. Dedicate separate workspaces for your clients, departments, and projects to optimize law practice management.
  • All-in-one Solution. Create a pliable cloud-based administrative structure to streamline practice management processes. Make your own private, secure, and organized internal workspaces for better task management.
  • Super Documents. The convenient doc builder brings the next generation of dynamic, interactive documents with advanced formatting and 2000+ integrations supported, tailored to optimize case management and help you win clients. FuseBase (formerly Nimbus) worked hard to ensure that it was accessible on a wide variety of platforms.
  • Advanced Privacy Controls. This secure law practice management software offers granular permissions to maximize the safety of your files and lets you directly manage your public page’s privacy settings using Magic links and secure keys. Password-protect your workspace or make it exclusive to you.


  • Free plan and free trial available
  • Standard – $9/month per user


If your company specializes in personal injury cases, CASEpeer legal workflow software is the best law practice management solution available. This cloud-based software can be a game-changer for your law firm. Personal injury attorneys can take action on results like never before with 24/7 laptop or mobile access to case information and reporting. With the help of this law practice management software, you can put your attention where it belongs—on client management aspects—thanks to the case and practice management tools provided by this case management software.

Who uses CASEpeer?

Personal injury lawyers and law firms. With CASEpeer’s legal practice management software, companies can focus on results more than ever.

Best features

  • Case management. From medical care to court proceedings, CASEpeer legal practice management software has you covered in a personal injury case.
  • Practice management. Maximize productivity with scalable automation and centralized data storage for reports, marketing and finances.
  • Contact Management. From initial contact to final payment, be there for your clients by keeping them informed and in the loop. Using a combination of texting, e-signatures, intake forms, a client portal and file sharing, you can transform every interaction into a positive one, including efficient email management.
  • Financial and operational reporting. Turnkey reports, personal injury key performance indicators and performance monitoring will power your practice management.


  • Free trial available
  • Basic – $69/month per user
  • Pro (most popular) – $99/month per user
  • Advanced – $129/month per user


Clio is the legal project management software with over 1,000 reviews on Capterra. All of your cases, contacts, bills, administrative tasks and schedules can be managed in one central location with this platform. A solution like this will serve as the central hub for your law firm’s remote employees, allowing them to store an unlimited number of legal documents and access case details from any location with an internet connection.

Clio Grow law practice management software is a simplified yet potent client intake system for legal practices. Streamlined client intake and legal CRM software program for expanding law practices. 

Who uses Clio?

The legal practice management software’s flexible pricing plans and comprehensive set of capabilities for managing the whole client lifecycle (from intake to billing) make it a good fit for legal practices of all sizes and specialties.

Key features 

  • Task management. Take note of all the details in every case. Track and assign tasks in Google Calendar. Master your deadlines. Collaborate with your entire firm.
  • Bill Efficiently. Billing week will be a breeze when you create branded invoices and customize bill plans in just minutes. Get paid faster with electronic invoices and secure links to pay.
  • Contact Management. Utilize marketing tools, such as online scheduling, custom intake forms and easy-to-use electronic signatures, to attract new clients. A secure client portal software lets you stay in touch with your clients throughout the case and share documents and details.
  • Manage Your Documents. Create and fill out complete sets of legal documentation without having to retype. You can also build a library with reusable templates and court documents.
  • Additional Features. Clio’s cloud-based software gives you access to hundreds of integrations, excellent technical support services, security and reliability to deal with any type of legal matter.


  • Free trial available
  • EasyStart – $39/month per user
  • Essentials – $69/month per user
  • Advanced – $99/month per user (most popular)
  • Complete – $129/month per user

Legal documentation software


Loio is artificial intelligence-driven legal document management software built for Microsoft Word contract drafting and review. It can repair contract formatting issues and provide precise contract reports, an instantaneous overview of the legal file structure and a precise and up-to-date clause library. Loio law practice management software is a valuable tool for legal professionals seeking to streamline their document management processes alongside existing software.

Who uses Loio?

Legal firms that regularly conduct contract reviews and analyses are the target audience for this law practice management software. A great on-premise solution for small and midsize law firms that will benefit the most from it.

Best features

  • Quick and Detailed Summary of Your Contracts. Loio will automatically review your contracts and give you a score. You can either accept or reject Loio’s suggestions for improving your legal files.
  • Automated clause management. Create flawless agreements with clear and legally compliant clauses.
  • Bilingual Contract Support. Loio simplifies the process of writing bilingual contracts. Compare the two parts and fix any errors instantly to avoid confusion.


  • Free – $0 per seat – Get a feel for Loio. 
  • Business – $59 per seat Great for solo pros and small teams. 
  • Enterprise – Customize bespoke plans for teams of 20+, which review hundreds of agreements monthly.


MyCase is a cloud-based legal case management and calendaring software that stores all relevant documents in one place where they can be easily accessed, edited and shared without worrying about losing any originals. With this management solution, you can build a repository of relevant files and folders inside each case and make the most recent versions available to your legal team and clients whenever they need them. You will always have access to the most up-to-date versions of your company’s document assembly files, regardless of where you are.

This holistic law practice management software allows you to optimize processes, including task management, for maximum efficiency in daily operations.

Who uses MyCase?

Easy-to-use practice management software for any law firm that wants to keep track of everything from client information and case documents to time spent on each matter and billing and invoicing.

Key features 

  • Client Intake and Lead Management. Create customized client intake forms to suit your specific practice. Sign important documents using eSignature. Build a website that is seamlessly connected with the MyCase management solution.
  • Case Management. The law practice management software will ensure you never miss a deadline or a meeting. Automate the creation and management of documents, tasks and events. Your documents, case files and internal templates should be centralized, secured, collaborative and easily accessible.
  • Billing & Payments. LawPay Payments (billing and invoicing), MyCase Accounting (financial reporting), Time and expense tracking. Has Quickbooks Integration.
  • Communication with clients. Communicate with your clients anywhere using the Client Portal and built-in texting.


  • Free trial available
  • Basic – $49/month per user 
  • Pro (most popular) – $79/month per user
  • Advanced – $99/month per user


You can access your files from any device, including your phone, with the help of NetDocuments law practice management software. Make it easy for your team or clients to access documents by sharing them with a single click.

This document management software is compatible with popular legal apps like Clio, DocuSign, ActionStep, PracticeLeague and Legal Sense. 

With NetDocuments, you can rest assured that your data is safe, your applications can work together and you can keep track of different versions of your files. The law practice management software disadvantages include not being compatible with Macs and being too complex or expensive for sole practitioners.

NetDocuments has recently acquired Worldox, another document management tool popular among law firms.

Who uses NetDocuments?

Law Firms and Corporate Legal Departments, Financial Institutions, Real Estate Departments, Healthcare and Insurance and Government Institutions.

Best Features

  • Edit documents. Create, edit, store and locate documents using the cloud-based legal document management platform.
  • Optical character recognition. Digitize content and index it to make your document searches more intelligent, faster and efficient.
  • SetBuilder. SetBuilder’s tools allow you to organize documents and binders into sets or binders quickly, including document assembly. Distribute the compiled content securely.
  • Data Loss Prevention. Protect your NetDocuments documents and sensitive data from unauthorized and improper use.


  • Free trial available. 
  • To get an accurate quote, you must schedule a consultation with NetDocuments’ sales team.

Billing software


Numerous law firms switched to CosmoLex, the only cloud-based law practice management solution with built-in time and billing software tools, including basic bookkeeping (no QuickBooks required). This law practice management software can be used from the first day and is comprehensive enough to produce the financial reports and analytics you need to grow and maintain your law practice. CosmoLex management solution includes robust features like legal calendaring to help you manage important appointments and deadlines effectively.

Who uses CosmoLex?

This legal practice management software was specifically developed for use by legal professionals, particularly those working at law firms. 

Key features

  • Customizable Branded invoices. The billing software allows you to create legal-specific templates that include past payments, an itemized list of legal services, disbursements and the balance due for this billing cycle. Your law firm logo, financial data and other information can be included on all client dashboards and invoices.
  • Smart Legal Electronic Billing Software. CosmoLex legal management software supports all UTBMS codes and actions.
  • Customizable Invoices. Create invoice templates with details such as the last payment, a detailed listing of legal services, disbursements, billing for this billing period, alternative billing arrangements and the total due.
  • Invoice Payment Processing. Manage your entire payment flow with our cloud-based legal billing system – from time tracking, expenses and billing to online payment processing and contact management – while automatically keeping up to date in real-time.


  • CosmoLexPay – $0 no monthly fees
  • CosmoLex CRM – $147/month billed annually 
  • CosmoLex Websites – $149/month billed annually
  • CosmoLex File Sharing and eSignature – $52/month billed annually for the first user for 200 envelopes, $60 month-to-month (as more users are added, the cost per user decreases.)


LawPay has empowered law firm professionals with its software for over 15 years. LawPay law firm software helps to accept payments and get paid in compliance with IOLTA. 

LawPay Pro, which is backed by all 50 state bars, 60+ specialty and local bars, the ABA, ALA and other organizations, offers secure payment processing, billing, invoicing, expense and time tracking and a trust accounting system for a more profitable, efficient firm. LawPay law practice management software will also take care of your task management and won’t cause you to lose billable time, ensuring customer satisfaction with efficient payment processes.
LawPay is compatible with nearly every operating system, making it accessible to a wide range of users.

Who uses LawPay?

Cloud-based law practice solution for North American and United States legal firms to schedule payments, collect encrypted signatures & more.

Best Features

  • Built-In Timers. Built-in timers allow you to track time and expenses and link them easily with cases. Moving from one case to another, you can stop and start up to three timers. 
  • The QuickBooks Online + LawPay Integration. It creates a simple process of payment for lawyers, from invoicing to collection and reconciliation.
  • Scheduled Payments. To ensure clients pay, it is best to plan transactions in advance. Scheduled payments allow you to maximize your cash flow and ensure that invoices are paid on time. The accounting software securely stores all payment information and the Account Updater ensures that stored card details are up-to-date. This keeps your data secure and revenue flowing.
  • Custom Payment Pages. With custom payment pages, a law firm can accept online payments at the office via email, website or mobile app. Customize your payment page with your business logo and information to provide a familiar payment experience for your clients.


  • Free trial available
  • The pricing starts at $19/month 
  • You can also get a custom pricing

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks is more than just accounting software. QuickBooks allows you to improve cash flow and track your income and expenses, including basic bookkeeping so that you can prepare for tax season.

QuickBooks Online law firm software allows you to run your small law firm from anywhere at any time. More than 4.5 million people use QuickBooks, which provides easy-to-use tools for small businesses. You can manage your docs, generate invoices, track inventory and streamline payment processing. You can save time and get paid faster by using the payment features of QuickBooks Online. If you prefer, you can also collaborate on documents using Google Docs for efficient document management.

Who uses Quickbooks Online?

Accounting and financial software for small law firms.  

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