Sonic Dash: 8 tips to collect more rings

Sonic Dash: 8 tips to collect more rings

The most famous hedgehog in the world also has his own infinite runner game in Sonic Dash, available for Android and iOS. In Sonic Dash, you follow good old Sonic in an endless race with the spirit of the classic video game: jump, duck, attack, and pick up items. But how can you possible be better at such a basic game?

Below you’ll find a few essential tips to help you run for longer, pick up coins and objects and, ultimately, get to the top of the scoreboard.

Collect as many rings as you can

In Sonic Dash, it’s important to collect rings for two main reasons; primarily, they’re the currency you use to buy upgrades, but they’re also your lifeline– by having more rings, you’ll be able to keep playing if you get attacked.

Just like in the classic Sonic games, if you bump into an enemy, you’ll lose all your rings, but you’ll be able to continue playing.

Save your rings

Of course, you can also lose all the rings you’ve collected during a single game if you haven’t saved them during game play.

When you approach a cliff where there’s a spring to jump from, go instead to the icon with the ring (far right in the first image). This option will not always appear, but it will come up several times during each game, so make the most of it.

Revive Sonic for free

When you bump into enemies, you only drop rings, but if you bump into a large structure or fall into the water, you die. Sonic Dash, however, always gives you a second chance. The first time you die in a game, choose Watch a video to revive for free. This will open a 10 seconds ad which, after watching, will let you continue playing.

To revive Sonic for a second time in the same game, you’ll have to pay with coins. I don’t recommend it: it’s more rewarding to repeat the game than to pay to continue playing.

Kill enemies to raise your special meter

Sonic has a special meter that not only makes him run faster, but also makes him resistant to dangers. To make the meter move up faster, move quickly from left to right, and make sure to kill normal enemies by running over them. The more combos you’re able to do, the faster your meter will grow.

Don’t panic during boss battles

Some springs trigger a boss battle. Don’t be too worried though, as these have little to do with the complex battles of the classic games.

The boss battles in Sonic Dash are the same thing you’ve been doing for the whole game, but from a different perspective: dodge objects while Sonic advances.

Concentrate and see where your opponent is aiming so that you can move Sonic quickly. You can do it both while you see Sonic’s face, and when his back is turned to you.

Finally, killing the opponent is as easy as touching the parts of the screen shown with the target.

Buy more upgrades than power ups

Saving rings in Sonic Dash is complicated, so I recommend you think before you spend them. If you plan on investing some rings, go to the Upgrades section.

Upgrades are items that are permanent, improving aspects of the game such as the duration of Sonic’s powers.

Why do I think you shouldn’t spend your rings on power ups for single use? Because they aren’t really worth it, especially if you consider the fact that you’re going to be able to gather some special power ups to use on the go.

Save the red star rings to buy characters

The other currency of the game is red star rings, which you can get for free by achieving missions. Because it’s quite difficult to get them for free, I wouldn’t recommend wasting them on single-use items or on buying an item to revive Sonic, since you’ll get higher scores with patience.

Save them for really special things, like getting more characters to play with.

Check the daily missions and rewards

Just like Subway Surfers, Sonic Dash also has missions and daily challenges. If you achieve them, you get extra rings, power ups, and gifts.

To see all the available missions and their progress, go to the Rewards section. If you go to the daily spin, you’ll have a free shot at an interesting reward. In the Prizes section, you’ll know what you can get each day just by playing and achieving the set targets.

To make sure that you don’t miss a single reward, open Sonic Dash at least once a day, even if it’s just to collect rewards.

Jump, dash and have fun

With all these tips, you‘ll achieve higher scores in Sonic Dash, although you’ll only master it by playing, playing and playing again, so install the game on your mobile or tablet and start having fun!

Download Sonic Dash for: AndroidiOS

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