Take the Blubster approach to file sharing

Blubster logoThere are many P2P sharing apps currently out there but Blubster has recently caught my eye due to the unique way it shares files via the MANOLITO protocol community. Unlike similar programs such as eMule and LimeWire, Blubster does not use a file swarming approach in order to obtain downloads from multiple sources. Rather, Blubster takes a group of exact files and checks which one is going to provide you with the fastest and most reliable download. The result is that unlike other P2P sharing programs, you rarely ever experience interrupted or partial downloads and you get some ultra fast downloads.

The downside however is that if it doesn’t find a reliable download, you get nothing at all. This happens quite often because the Blubster community is still relatively small although the developers claim that there are millions of MP3 currently being shared. You may also find that you have problems connecting to the servers – sometimes it simply times-out or it just takes a few minutes to establish a connection.

Don’t forget that once you’re up and running with Blubster, you can share your music with other Blubster users simply by sending an e-mail link which enables them to listen to it immediately.

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