The 5 best Red Dead Redemption 2 Easter Eggs

red dead redemption 2

Grab your baskets, because it’s time to go egg hunting. Rockstar has long had a tradition of packing their games chock full of hidden secrets and Easter Eggs to reward the most observant and adventurous players. Red Dead Redemption 2 includes more than its fair share, including everything from references to past Rockstar Games and movies and TV shows like “South Park.” Though there are tons of Easter Eggs to find in the game, these are our top 5 favorites.

The 5 best Red Dead Redemption 2 Easter Eggs

5. The Mini Church

red dead redemption 2 mini church map
The Mini Church location

The swamps outside Saint Denis are loaded with secrets. This classic gag Easter Egg is located to the north of the city, just outside the abandoned shacks at Lakay. Head to the marker on the map above, and you’ll find…

red dead redemption 2 mini church
The Mini Church exterior

A tiny little church. That’s right, this a fully rendered miniature church, planted smack in the middle of thick swampland. There’s no explanation for why it’s there, but it’s not just for looks either. You’ll have to crouch to do so, but you can actually head inside.

red dead redemption 2 mini church interior
“What is this, a church for ants?”

As one might expect, the mini church is full of little pews, an altar, and even a teeny-tiny crucifix. This Easter Egg is a bit of a headscratcher, but it’s certain to provide a good chuckle.

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4. The Hobbit House

red dead redemption 2 hobbit house
The Hobbit House

To find this one, you’ll have to head up into Ambarino. Once there, make your way to Bacchus Bridge and head northeast on the road. Just off the main road, you’ll be able to spot this little settlement. Though we didn’t manage to come across any Hobbits, we did find what appears to be a house ripped straight out of Hobbiton. Though the door isn’t round and there’s a strange symbol of some sort scrawled on the roof, this unusual building is almost certainly a reference to J.R.R. Tolkien’s classic fantasies. Arthur can also examine this location to add a sketch to his journal.

3. The “Bully” Pistol

red dead redemption 2 bully pistol
Canis Canem Edit

Rockstar loyalists will remember Bully as a console gem of the PS2 era. Players controlled Jimmy Hopkins, a student at the prestigious Bullworth Academy, as he tried to bring peace to the school’s warring cliques. What does this have to do with Red Dead? At the conclusion of the Stranger side-mission The Noblest of Men, and a Womanplayers will be rewarded with Calloway’s Pistol, a Schofeld Revolver with an intricate engraving. Examining the pistol up close will reveal the phrase Canis Canem Edit on the barrel. Roughly translating to “Dog eats dog,” Bully fans will remember this bit of Latin as the motto of Bully’s Bullworth Academy.

2. The Achievement Hunters

red dead redemption 2 jack achievement hunter
Jack from Achievement Hunter

Achievement Hunter fans are sure to get a kick out of this one. Heading to Valentine, players will stumble across a familiar sounding man behind the desk of the local hotel. The hotel owner is voiced by Jack Patillo of Achievement Hunter fame, and even bears a resemblance to the Let’s Player.

red dead redemption 2 geoff
Geoff from Achievement Hunter

After visiting Jack, head to the Valentine train station, and you’ll find a Clerk with another familiar voice. This Clerk is voiced by Geoff Ramsey, co-founder of Rooster Teeth and head of the Achievement Hunter gang. He also sports Geoff’s trademark bushy mustache.

Players that have made it as far as Saint Denis can also come across a British man wandering the streets, calling for his lost friend Gavin. This is almost certainly a reference to British Achievement Hunter Gavin Free, known among fans for his frequent hijinks and other mishaps.

1. ManBearPig

red dead redemption 2 manbearpig house
The house of horrors

Heading due west from the Van Horn Trading Post, players will find a rundown house on a backwoods road. Arrive at night, and you’ll see a light burning in an upstairs window. Though you can’t access the house from the ground floor, you can climb on top of a cart and then onto the roof to get access to the lit room. Climbing in through the window reveals a disturbing sight.

red dead redemption 2 manbearpig

Located within is the infamous ManBearPig of “South Park” fame. The room appears to be a makeshift laboratory of sorts, filled with bloody animal parts and a surgical operating table. Players will be able to find several documents detailing the depraved creation of ManBearPig, and can also sketch the creature as a journal entry.

These five Easter Eggs are merely the tip of the iceberg. Dedicated players can find a whole host of other secrets hidden in Red Dead 2’s massive game world. Once you’ve found our favorites, saddle up and start hunting for more.

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