The best coffee growers in the games: celebrating International Coffee Day

International Coffee Day is approaching: celebrate it with these video games as addictive as caffeine.

The best coffee growers in the games: celebrating International Coffee Day
María López

María López

What would many of us do without our cup of coffee? This bitter as well as aromatic brew has established itself as our faithful battle companion, on which many of us depend to become functional adults. However, caffeine addiction is not something that occurs only in real life.

Coffee has also found its place in the world of videogames. While some titles only mention coffee in passing, others base their entire gameplay on it. Sometimes, it is simply a tribute. Be that as it may, grab a good cup and get ready to dive into these coffee video games.

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Person 5

The plot of Persona 5 is not exactly focused on the cafe, but it does “star” in one of the key scenarios of our adventure: the Leblanc cafe. For our protagonist, Joker, it is his refuge and represents a safe place. As if that were not enough, in our free time we can also play at being baristas. As a golden brush, it is impossible not to mention its beautiful soundtrack, ideal for those moments where only you and that cup of coffee exist.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Although it had not been included out of the box with the game, Animal Crossing can also boast its own cafeteria. Thanks to the 2.0 update, players of Nintendo’s calm title stumbled upon the café, with Figaro in charge. For the modest price of 200 berries, you’ll be able to drink your coffee quietly there. And you don’t have to do it alone: sometimes you’ll run into neighbors from your island and even some old acquaintances.

Coffee Talk

The title says it all. If you are looking for a game that shows its love for coffee, Coffee Talk is what you are looking for. Your purpose is quite simple: you’ll have to serve a good, hot coffee to anyone who needs it. However, your clientele will be very peculiar: ogres, humans, elves, demons… there are as many beings as there are types of coffee. Coffe Talk is simple, but it leaves us with a good message: no matter what you are or where you come from, in the end we all want (and should) be heard.

María López

María López

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