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The Best Minecraft seeds

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In the wonderful world of Minecraft, the game generates new biomes and lands for each game so that you never have the same experience. However, there is a way to play the same map if you want to start over with something called Minecraft seeds. When you place a string of numbers in the seed generator, you receive a pre-built world with specific block and item allocations.

With Minecraft 1.18 Caves & Cliffs Part II now available, the Java and Bedrock editions now have similar layouts when using seeds. Also, there are specific seed worlds that relate to the new update that you may not yet know about.

The Best Minecraft seeds

In this guide, we’ll show you the best Minecraft seeds we discovered, breaking them up into various elements.

How to set up and use Minecraft seeds

Before we reveal some of the top seeds in Minecraft, you’ll need to know how to set them up. As a word of warning, you should know that seeds only usually work in the game version it was created for. You might see the same biomes and items in newer editions, but they may not function properly.

To use a Minecraft seed, you need to create a new game. In the advanced options, you’ll see an entry point for inserting a string of numbers. You can use any of the seeds mentioned below before starting the new world.

The Best Minecraft seeds

Minecraft seeds for 1.18

Now that we have the new Caves & Cliffs Part II update available, there are so many biomes you can enjoy. Some of the older Minecraft seeds may not have the new items, so try these two out for an extraordinary experience.

Mountain valley village

SEED: 460628901

Have you ever wanted to live in a village surrounded by mountains? This Minecraft seed shows off the snowy peaks biome, while you’ll see some stunning vistas around you and gorgeous greenery. The Bedrock version may not have the village, but we’re sure that’s something you can fix.

The Best Minecraft seeds

Village underneath a face cliff

SEED: -1984628749

If you’d like a mountainous face staring at you all the time, then try this Minecraft seed. You’ll find two locations for the village: in the valley and on the top. However, there’s so much water around, you’ll need to make a plan to travel between the two locations.

The Best Minecraft seeds

Coastal Towns

SEED: 7783854906403730143

In this Minecraft seed, you’ll spawn on a rocky cliff overlooking the ocean with a village around you. If you look across the water, you’ll see another village built into the side of a cliff. You can choose which side you want to stay on while making the water between them your ocean-diving playground.

The Best Minecraft seeds

Best Minecraft seeds for survival

If you enjoy a minimalistic approach, these Minecraft seeds are perfect for you. You’ll start with almost nothing from which you can build your empire.

Survival island for the minimalist

SEED: 3366408241916580461 (1.17)

If you really want to test your steel and grit, try this tiny island. There are almost no resources, and you’ll need to swim to see what you can locate. The fun is trying to expand the island and make it look monumental when you’re done, but good luck finding the blocks to do so.

The Best Minecraft seeds

Heartwood Mansion

SEED: 110918009997 (1.17)

Deep in the center of some canyons, you’ll find a dense forest you’ll need to survive in until you can enter the foreboding mansion. You can expect to find some Illagers and other mobs inside to face you in combat, so make sure you harvest as many resources as possible before you take them on.

The Best Minecraft seeds

Double shipwreck for the castaway

SEED: 7777777777988733304 (1.16)

There’s a small island that has a shipwreck just off the beach, leaving you stranded to find your own way off. If you look across the sea, you’ll notice another island with a ship nearby. On which one will you make your stand for survival?

The Best Minecraft seeds

Top Minecraft seeds for villages

We know it can be lonely living on your own, so it helps to spawn where there are already villages. Here are some of the best Minecraft seeds with buildings and friendly mobs.

Four villages

SEED: -4379469131957062683 (1.17)

In a snowy landscape, you may find what you seek. With this seed, you’ll have the choice of four villages, namely, Taiga, Savannah, Tundra, and Desert. Of course, you can set up a home in the middle and establish a trading route, if you’re so inclined. 

The Best Minecraft seeds

Welcome to the Township

SEED: 2083747154327962073 (1.16)

Here’s another Minecraft see that holds a shipwreck, but you can fix it up to make it your home. There’s also a village nearby of people willing to help you. It may not look good if you use the seed in 1.17, but you can start in 1.16 and then load it up into 1.17 after that.

The Best Minecraft seeds

Island of villages

SEED: 5329177101860618450 (1.16)

If you love zombie games like Resident Evil, you’ll enjoy this seed. It’s set on two remote islands with walkways between them. So what’s the catch? One of them is inhabited with zombies, so you’ll need to gear up before heading out to clear the buildings.

The Best Minecraft seeds

Biome Minecraft seeds

We don’t blame you if you want to spawn in a specific location. Fortunately, we found some of the best Minecraft seeds with stunning designs at the starting points.

Island of ice-olation

SEED: -452616212506859587 (1.17)

Do you fancy living in an ice castle? Well, this Minecraft seed has several spiking icebergs around two small islands. You’ll be able to grow trees and mine for resources, but you may need to venture beyond the ice spires to find other items. Perhaps you’d like to build a snowman, while you’re at it?

The Best Minecraft seeds

Giant donut mushroom island

SEED: -6316420307748711466 (1.17)

The spawning point for this seed brings you onto a circular island with a massive lake in the center. There are even ruins down there. The highlight is all the mushroom trees, while you’ll also see Mooshroom cows. Fungal milk, anyone?

The Best Minecraft seeds

Biome Cluster

SEED: -2268290183235354767 (1.17)

Why settle for one biome when you can have a cluster of them? You’ll begin in the jungle, but you’ll find mushroom fields, the desert, and a frozen ocean nearby. There are plenty of resources in this one, so you can go wild taking blocks from different areas for your home.

The Best Minecraft seeds

Novelty and random Minecraft seeds

For our final section of the best Minecraft seeds, we’re showing some novelty seeds that look quite interesting. It adds an element of excitement to them, even if you only spend a few moments in them.

Minecraft title screen

SEED: 2151901553968352745 (1.7.3 Beta)

You may be surprised to hear this, but several gamers have been hunting for the world showcased on the Minecraft home screen. Even more surprising is that someone actually found it. 

The Best Minecraft seeds

Arctic Island

SEED: 1669737730 (1.17)

Here’s another island surrounded by icy landscapes, but you’ll have a massive island to build on. Make sure you plant trees and vegetables to ensure your survival, as there are no villages nearby to help you.

The Best Minecraft seeds

Obsidian Farm

SEED: -8880302588844065321 (1.9)

We all know how hard it can be to find a good supply of obsidian, especially when you need to make it yourself with lava and water. Well, this world has a farm set up for making it quickly, while there’s also a Nether Portal for quick access to the dark side.

The Best Minecraft seeds

Underwater Temple

SEED: -5181140359215069925 (1.8.8)

If you’d like to be Indiana Jones raiding an underwater temple, this is the Minecraft seed for you. While it can be fun living so deep in the ocean, you’ll need to contend with some enemies to make it safe.

The Best Minecraft seeds

Other Minecraft guides

If this is your first time and you’re learning how to play Minecraft, we’re sure some of these guides will help you:

Find a new home with Minecraft seeds

While it can be fun playing on the random-generated worlds, Minecraft seeds help you to locate specific locations with lands and items you may enjoy. We hope our list has inspired you to use one of these seeds for your new home.

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