The best strategies to get started with Octopath Traveler

Octopath Traveler may be the newest Square Enix game, but it plays more like a classic RPG with some modern twists.  The gameplay is a combination of classic JRPG turn-based mechanics, as well as a unique Boost Point mechanic. The story gets inspiration from the classic Canterbury Tales: there are a large number of archetypal heroes coming from all walks of life, each with their own tale; but with a more modern take on those story elements. Even the art is a modernization of an old style. It’s a unique take on 2D art that the creators refer to as “HD-2D”. This game has a lot to offer to both old and new fans of JRPGs, and below we have a few tips to help you on your journey:

Choosing your first protagonist

Octopath Traveler features a diverse cast of characters. Like classic Square Enix games, each character features their own abilities and benefits. You’re able to switch out your party at-will, with the exception of the protagonist you choose. This means you’re going to want to be careful in who you pick for your protagonist. Of course, you can choose based off their story, as each is unique and different. But you may want to consider their abilities if you are worried about being able to beat your first playthrough.

For example, Tressa, the merchant, has an easy time getting money and gains the ability “rest” fairly early. With those in mind, she’s one of the easier protagonists to start the game with. If you’re looking for something more challenge, you may want to choose Therion, the thief. It’s fun stealing from people, but it he can be a bit weaker than the other characters at the start of the game. Primrose, and H’aanit require a bit of extra attention to detail, since they use NPCs and summons to fight for them. Likewise, Cyrus and Ophelia are somewhat complex characters. Cyrus has some good early benefits, but both are fragile and may take some adjusting to their playstyles. Inversely, Olberic and Alfyn can make great starting characters, since they are more forgiving than most of the others.

Obtaining and choosing secondary jobs

Each character in Octopath Traveler has a primary job that determines their stats and abilities. These jobs are correspondent to their professions. For example, Ophelia is a Cleric, which lets her using healing abilities and light magic. As you progress through the game, you’re able to give your character’s secondary jobs, by visiting special shrines dedicated to each one. You’ll want to go to each to gain access to all of them, and decide which one fits best for your characters. While you are able to obtain the jobs of the eight main characters, you are also able to obtain four secret jobs as well. These aren’t obtainable until much later in the game, however.

Unlocking the secret final boss

You’re probably not thinking about the final boss of this game as you start playing it, but you may need to do some things along the way to unlock it. There are two side quests you’ll have to complete before the final dungeon can be entered (along with beating the game with all eight characters). Ravus’ Manor in Boulderfall has a guard who starts one of the quests. His name is Alphas, and you’ll meet him again in Saintsbridge. The other quest can be completed by helping out an injured boy named Kit. You’ll meet him at the beginning of the game, and have to help him a few times in Noblecourt and Moonstruck Coast. Once you’ve completed both quests and beaten every character’s story, you’ll be able to go to the final dungeon by talking to the Impresario in West S’warki Trail. Both quests you can do while completing the other character’s stories, so just keep them in mind while you play through the game.


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