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The Hero Hoodie is a simple solution to a common problem

Jacob Yothment


Nobody likes being that loser in public who wears their hoodie around their waist. As soon as you tie those sleeves together, you can go from the suavest guy at the party, to everyone’s dorky dad in an instant.


You might be saying to yourself, “I don’t do that, I just drape it over my shoulder!” Well, you’re not better off than the waist dork. As soon as you need to reach for something in your pocket, or give one of your boys a high-five you will realize that your arm is already too busy with your fumbling hoodie.

Fear not, gentle reader. The Hero Hoodie is here to solve your hoodie dilemmas:

With just a flicka-da-wrist, you can transform your hoodie into a backpack! Along with being able to comfortably store your hoodie on your back, you can also put the rest of your stuff inside.

How good is this product? When it was pitched on NBC’s “Shark Tank,” several Sharks fought over the product, until the product eventually got a sweet deal.

Ladies, aren’t you tired of every pair of pants you own having the worst pockets imaginable? Well, now you can throw your phone, keys, or whatever you want into your Hero Hoodie! 

The Hero Hoodie runs a little bit more than the average hoodie you’d buy at Target or Kohls. However, the price tag is more than worth it as the design is both stylish and modern. You can buy it on Amazon, or from their store online! 

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