The only converter you’ll ever need: All 2 All

The only converter you’ll ever need: All 2 All

The most common complaints about today’s computers are about the masses of file formats, and the applications may or may not run them. How many times have we tried to watch a movie, only to discover that Microsoft Word doesn’t accept AVI files? Why doesn’t iTunes accept XLS spreadsheet files? It’s a big mess that some conspiracy theorists believe was created by Bill Gates and Steve Jobs in 1983 to ensure developers and programmers could find work continuously.

Finally, the tyranny of file formats is over with the release of All 2 All Converter. This lightweight little application works like magic, and will convert any file format into any other. This has two fantastic effects, the first being you no longer have to worry about having the right application for a file, and second, that you can finally do what you want with them.

For example, I find video editing long winded and difficult, as I can’t bothered to learn how to do it. But I’m great at using Paint. With All 2 All  converter, I simply convert my video files into BMP files, which I can easily edit in everyone’s favorite graphics editor. Some days, I do absolutely everything using Real Player, with All 2 All in the system tray, ready whenever I need it. Trust me, spreadsheets are much more enjoyable in Photoshop CS5!

Check out my review, and make computing fun and easy again! Only available for Windows PCs.

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