The Sims 4: Unlock the hidden lot in Oasis Springs

The Sims 4: Unlock the hidden lot in Oasis Springs

Neighborhoods in The Sims 4 are bigger than you may realize: there are hidden lots that are tucked away and can only be accessed after reaching certain levels.

Oasis Springs, the desert-like area in The Sims 4, has a variety of community residential lots that you probably know all too well. But, there’s one hidden away you probably don’t know about: the Forgotten Grotto. See this tutorial if you want to find the hidden lot in Willow Creek.

To discover the Forgotten Grotto, you have to completed a series of steps, which you can see in the video below.

Note that to perform these actions, your Sim will need to be at level 10 character in the Skill Manual. Here’s how to level up your skills quickly if you’re not there yet.

Default player

First, choose one of your Sims and send it to the Dessert Bloom Park. Once there, do the following:

1) Go to the mountain area and look for the entrance to the mine.

2) Once you find the entrance, select Break.

3) Once your Sim has broken the barrier, select the Explore option.

4) Next, a dialog box will appear. Select the following options: Take the wide road, Climb the ladder and Skip the ledge.

Congratulations! You’ve just unlocked the Forbidden Grotto!

If you want to explore this lot again, go to the entrance of the mine; you’ll automatically have access to it.

An abundance of supplies

Besides being a beautiful place, Forbidden Grotto is a great lot where you can collect minerals, fruits and even an exclusive animal: the bat fish.

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