10 free-to-play MMORPGs you should be playing right now

10 free-to-play MMORPGs you should be playing right now
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With the new World of Warcraft expansion coming out soon, you may find yourself looking to get into the MMORPG genre. While many popular MMOs are subscription-based or buy-to-play, there are plenty of free-to-play games available as well. These video games are fun and worth your time!. Here is a list of some of the best out there:


10 free-to-play MMORPGs you should be playing right now

10. DC Universe Online

DC Universe

Similar to World of Warcraft, DC Universe features a faction system. The player chooses between the Heroes and the Villains. Fans of DC Comics will enjoy seeing many of their favorite characters, while also getting to play within their universe. Characters are built around a specific power, which essentially works like a class in other MMOs. The powers, characters, and art style all draw heavily from the DC Comics universe.

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9. Star Wars: The Old Republic

Old Republic

Another faction-based MMO, Star Wars: The Old Republic has the player choose between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire. Despite this choice, the player is allowed to decide their own morality through their interactions with NPCs. For example, a Sith player doesn’t have to be evil necessarily. The game is known for having some pretty long loading screens, but be patient because the game is worth it. This game is worth checking out for even non-Star Wars fans, as the storyline of each class is incredible and immersive.

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8. Tera

Unlike many of the games on this list, Tera has recently come to PS4 and Xbox One, as well as being available for PC. The game uses a real-time third-person combat system that is sure to keep you on your toes. Most MMOs allow the player to lock on to the enemies, instead of directly pointing at them, while Tera forces the player to land their abilities as skill shots. This makes the combat incredibly engaging.


7. RuneScape

One of the oldest MMORPGs, Runescape utilizes a skill-level system that is not commonly found in modern MMOs. Instead of grinding your character’s overall level, you instead level each skill individually by using them repeatedly. Along with this, Runescape has received continued updates for years, and is still a refreshing take on a classic game. The game is available for both PC and Mac. Either way, you’re sure to have a good time with this classic.

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6. Path of Exile


Fans of the Diablo series will be excited to see the similarities between these games. The game features the same style of combat, equipment, and dark artistic flair as the Diablo games. While not a traditional MMO, the game is played in small instances and is more focused on building your individual characters and parties, rather than massive communication that other MMOs feature.

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5. Trove


If you’ve ever wondered what Minecraft would be like as an MMO, then you’ll be excited to check out Trove. The game features combat and classes similar to other MMOs while retaining many of the sandbox features that Minecraft has to offer. There are plenty of customization features to keep your interest. Trove contains customizable homes called “Cornerstones.” These homes allow for a similar experience to Minecraft in their ability to be used as crafting stations and their customizability. It’s definitely worth checking out if you are a fan of either style of game.

4. Rift


You may have heard of Rift as being a free-to-play World of Warcraft game. While it does have many similarities to World of Warcraft, such as its factions and lore, Rift has just as many differences. One of the best parts about Rift is its soul system that allows for some incredibly diverse gameplay. The system allows for customization of your abilities and skills to a level not featured in other MMOs of its type. If you value diverse gameplay and customization, then this is a great game for you.

3. Neverwinter


Many Dungeons and Dragons fans are probably somewhat familiar with Neverwinter, and for good reason! Like many tabletop RPGs, Neverwinter contains an expansive and powerful storyline to follow that sets it apart from other free-to-play MMOs. Players can even create their own quests and stories to expand the world for themselves. The game is based on the fourth edition of Dungeons and Dragons and is perfect for anyone into the role-playing genre.

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2. Blade and Soul

Similar to Tera, Blade and Soul features a real-time third-person combat system. The game is inspired by martial arts, and has many references to martial arts and their origins. The combat utilizes combos, similar to the fighting game genre. This creates a unique experience that’s sure to impress fans of both fighters and MMOs. Along with this, the game also features one of the best character customizations of any MMO available.

Blade and Soul

1. Guild Wars 2

Guild WarsThe music and visuals of Guild Wars 2 are some of the most captivating of any free-to-play game. Guild Wars 2 features some of the best elements of other MMOs and combines them to create a unique gameplay experience. The story is player-driven and decided by the character’s actions and choices, while the combat is fluid and diverse. Longtime fans of MMOs will find Guild Wars 2 as a refreshing take on the genre, as every playable class features a variety of playstyles.

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