Timewaster: deviantArt’s Muro

Timewaster: deviantArt’s Muro

Artistic online community deviantArt may be well known for pretentious black and white portraits and drawings of emo-fairies, but there has always been some interesting stuff there and it’s a really well-made website. Adding to this is their new drawing app, Muro, a great artistic tool you can use in your browser.

You could spend hours creating pictures in Muro. It’s unlike most simple drawing tools, in that it has a range of cool brushes with interesting effects and also supports layers like Photoshop.

Muro has two main settings, basic and pro, which just flips between having layer options activated or not. Anyone can make a pretty nice image after just a little practice. Most importantly, it’s a great timewaster, as it’s relaxing, constructive, and can waste a hell of a lot of time if you’re not careful!

What’s even more interesting about Muro is that it’s been made in HTML 5,  so you can use it from things like Apple’s iPad too! Check it out at deviantArt.

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