Tips and games for Lego fans

Tips and games for Lego fans

Lego Star WarsOne of my favourite toys as a kid was Lego and it’s nice to see that it’s lived on into the digital age. It’s a timeless classic and not only good for the brain and cognitive skills, but it looks good too. I was less concerned with the cognitive benefits as a kid and more with trying to eat the bricks and fill the holes with food. Times and technology have changed however and now you can enjoy the fun of Lego on your PC.

Surely the most fun is LEGO Star Wars II. If you’re a Star Wars and Lego fan, this is like all your birthdays and Christmases come at once as you relive the Star Wars series from the perspective of Lego figures. Best of all, you can even build your own characters! If you crave the old shoot-em ups in the style of Space Invaders, then Lego Brickmania is an Arkanoid remake but instead of aliens and spaceships you shoot – yes you guessed it – Lego. Much more fun though is Lego Fever where your task is to bring back colour into Legoland which has turned a depressing grey.

Games aside, if you want to just get down to some good old traditional brick building, then Lego Digital Designer is awesome.It can’t replace the real thing but you can certainly build the type of constructions and buildings you only dreamed of as a kid although you may run out of bricks in which case you have to buy more from the Lego store. If you don’t want to spend any money and just want something to muck about with whilst your computer is in screensaver mode, then Briblo Screensaver is an excellent option displaying the magic bricks but also allowing you to click them together and play around with them until the boss walks by your desk.


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