Top 10 Fortnite YouTubers

Top 10 Fortnite YouTubers
Troy Zaher

Troy Zaher

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Fortnite is huge right now, and with that comes a plethora of content creators on a variety of platforms. While most of these content creators are on Twitch, many viewers prefer to watch their favorite creators on YouTube or prefer stream highlights to actual streams. With so many creators to search through, it can be tough figuring out which are the best ones to watch. We’ve helped narrow this choice down by finding you the top 10 Fortnite YouTubers.


Top 10 Fortnite YouTubers

10. Pokimane

While she is more of a streamer than a YouTuber, her YouTube content is still plentiful and hilarious. She used to be a League of Legends content creator, but has since switched most of her content to Fortnite.

9. Muselk

Muselk likes to try extreme things and see what will happen, which can be really interesting for players who have always been curious about some of the potential oddities within the game.

8. Fitz

Despite a somewhat infrequent upload schedule, Fitz and his group of gamers have some of the most consistently hilarious content with each upload. His editing is great, and he also creates CS: GO content for those who are interested in that game as well.

7. Ali-A

This YouTuber stays very up to date on Fortnite updates, and is a great creator to watch if you’re looking for timely commentary on what’s new in the game.

6. Raid Chico

Despite not being as popular as many of the other YouTubers on this list, Raid Chico has some of the best editing in his videos, that really brings a level of quality that isn’t always seen from other content creators.

5. Maximilianmus

Max features some older-style YouTube videos, filled with sarcasm and strange actions. This can be nostalgic for some viewers who miss the old style of gaming videos.

4. Noahsnoah

Very funny and great editing, Noahsnoah is one of the best Fortnite YouTubers to stay up to date with. He’s a great YouTuber to watch if you are just getting into Fortnite, since much of his humor is universal, instead of just game-specific.

3. Fe4Rless

His commentary is great, and his popularity speaks for itself with his captivatingly funny videos.

2. LazarBeam

While LazarBeam mostly sticks to Fortnite, he does play a few other similar games here and there, and is more of a “daily content” YouTuber than just a Fortnite streamer. He definitely creates the most videos of any person on this list, and is great to watch if you want a lot of content.

1. Ceeday

One of the most popular Fortnite YouTubers, Ceeday has a dedicated fanbase, and produces content on a pretty consistent basis, compared to some similar creators.

Many of these YouTubers are also streamers on Twitch, so be sure to check out their Twitch channels if you’re interested in seeing more of their content.

Troy Zaher

Troy Zaher

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