Top 5 software tips to prevent RSI

Top 5 software tips to prevent RSI

RSI cartoon Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) is one of the biggest hazards of working behind a computer. It’s caused by the constant performance of repetitive tasks whether it’s mouse clicking or simply sitting in the same position too long. That’s why it’s extremely important to take regular breaks, walk around and basically get away from your workspace. However, that’s not always easy when your workload is piling up and there’s plenty of distractions on the internet to look at. That’s why I’ve compiled these top 5 programs aimed at helping you avoid RSI.

RSI Warrior – Features a host of tools including a rest break reminder, over 20 specialised stretches and an ‘auto-click’ function which prevents you having to make so many mouse clicks.

Mousotron – Keeps a record of your mouse clicks and movements for those that are suffering RSI in their wrists.

Break Reminder – Simply reminds you to take breaks at periodic intervals.

Ergonomix – Issues reminders and warnings based on your PC usage. It also instructs you what types of exercises you should be doing based on usage.

Workrave – Designed for those officially diagnosed with RSI and need a specific recovery plan.

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