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Top 6 YouTube Food Vloggers

YouTube food vloggers

In the last few years, YouTube has seen a huge influx of food-related content being uploaded.

Food ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response), has become extremely popular. In these videos, creators focus on sounds like the tapping of the side of a soda can, crinkling fast food burger wrappers, or chewing crunchy foods in order to give viewers a heightened sense of pleasure. Mukbang videos are still going strong; the word Mukbang is Korean for “eating broadcast,” and this trend of recording yourself eating large amounts of food while having a conversation with an audience originated in South Korea.

While those videos are more trendy, a true staple of food content on YouTube is the good old food vloggers. There are many on the platform, and while some travel the world to introduce audiences to rare and unknown cuisines from other countries, others prefer to stay closer to home and encourage people to visit mom and pop restaurants and dive bars from their college days. Check out some of our favorites from both categories.

Best food vloggers on YouTube

1. Strictly Dumpling

Mike Chen is one of the most popular food YouTubers around. At over 2 million subscribers, his Strictly Dumpling channel is chock full of delicious content from all over. Our favorite videos (and some of his most well known) are his 7-11 and convenience store series. In a lot of Asian countries, the convenience stores are known for having near top quality dishes, both packaged and hot. Sushi from a 7-11 may seem crazy, but we’re definitely willing to give it a try.

2. Mark Wiens

Not only does Mark cover Michelin star restaurants,  he also enjoys giving his audience a glimpse of the cuisine that you’ll have if you’re hosted by a family in a small village on the outskirts of countries that aren’t often vlogged. Most of the places Mark goes are in Asia, and along with describing in detail what our tastebuds would be experiencing, he also likes to sneak in some tips for safe travel.

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3. Best Ever Food Review Show

The name says it all. Sonny is an American whose goal is to try and take viewers along for trips to places that aren’t usually in tourist pamphlets. Sonny’s silly humor reels us in and keeps us watching as he tries foods that even the natives won’t touch. His spicy challenges are painful to watch and eating poisonous pufferfish in Japan had us wondering if we’d ever see another upload from him – you have to be licensed to prepare it! We might pass on that one.

4. Shu

Shu is a London based food and travel vlogger and when not taking viewers around to quaint bars, cafes, and restaurants, gives a bit of insight into what it’s like being a freelancer. Her editing style is very relaxed with a quirky aesthetic, so if you’re into making Pinterest boards of pictures of cups of coffee in cute mugs, flaky pastries, and sunny beach vacations (as most of us are) then you should really give her videos a watch.

5. Kara and Nate

Kara and Nate are a couple from Tennessee who, after getting married, decided that they wanted to travel the world. They had only planned for one year, but that grew to four years on the road and a ton of funny, fascinating food and travel videos were created. They’ve tried the food (both delicious and a little suspect) from every place that you can think of, and have a goal of traveling to 100 countries by 2020.

6. Simon and Martina

This duo is one of the first food and travel vloggers on YouTube. After moving to South Korea from Canada to teach, they decided to start filming their food and culture adventures in a country that is the home of K-Pop and Mukbangs and called their business Eat Your Kimchi. After rubbing elbows with a lot of Kpop singers and actors, they decided to relocate to Japan and have been living there and recommending only the most delicious and magical food experiences that Japan has to offer. They go on vacations from time to time so there are a lot of European travel vlogs to watch as well.

Now that you’re good and hungry, try out some of the cuisines that you’ve seen from these YouTubers. What are you waiting for? Buy that plane ticket!

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