Watch British and American TV shows for free on SeeSaw

Watch British and American TV shows for free on SeeSaw

If you’ve never heard of SeeSaw yet, then you will soon as the TV on demand service has just launched a premium service allowing users access to hundreds of British and American TV shows.


SeeSaw is only available to UK users and reminds me very much of the BBC iPlayer, the difference being that it hosts content from BBC, Channel 4, Channel 5 and other independent production companies, content isn’t limited by an expiry date and you can watch now entire series including Doctor Who, Lost and Top Gear.


There is however lots of ad-supported free content for those living in the UK such as Men Behaving Badly, Spaced and Ugly Betty. New content is usually subject to a £1 per episode viewing fee or around £5 for an entire series (although this can rise to as much as £18 depending on the show). You get 30 days to watch an Episode and 90 days to watch a series.

According to Digital Spy, films are in the pipeline too making SeeSaw a competitor to the much hyped Voddler service:

The firm said that “several” other deals are currently in the pipeline with “major Hollywood studios” to offering around 2,000 of premium content in the coming months. The premium service will run in addition to the 3,000 hours of free-to-view, ad-supported content already available on the site from deals with BBC Worldwide, Channel 4, Five and various UK independent production firms.

Since I can’t try the service outside of the UK, it’s hard to gauge how reliable the streaming is or whether the amount of advertising is intrusive or not. However, it looks like an interesting project and with 1 million users since its launch in February already according to the company, its popularity is growing quickly.

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