Relive a movie from the past with Willow, the new series from Disney+

Relive a movie from the past with Willow, the new series from Disney+
Shaun M Jooste

Shaun M Jooste

If you are a fan of the fantasy and adventure genre, this will surely be one of the most important news for you this year. From November 30, the streaming service Disney+ brings us a series whose world is part of the geek culture of the 80s.

Willow is a film that touched the hearts of many and became a flagship film for fans of fantasy and adventure movies. This series is the sequel to it, bringing back the characters from the past for a new adventure with the powerful wizard.

The series even brings back the original actor from the movie Warwick Davis. Despite the passage of time, the protagonist still has all the charisma of the character. He, too, promises us that the series will be one of the best of the year. So if you do not want to miss this fantastic premiere, we recommend you subscribe to Disney+, where you can save a good amount if you are inclined to try the annual subscription.


What do we know about the former Willow movie?

The last time we heard about the enigmatic sorcerer was around 1988, when the movie premiered in theatres under the command of the famous creator of Star Wars, George Lucas. Currently, Lucasfilm is under the power of the Walt Disney Company, and they have decided to extend that remarkable story to give him the recognition he deserves.

The series is also set several years after the original film, where a young Warwick Davis played farmer Willow at that time. He aspired to one day become a wizard and lived comfortably within a village of magical elves. You can quickly check out the movie inside Disney+ if you’re curious. In his first adventure, Willow’s mission was to protect the newborn Empress Elora Denan from a prophecy that indicated that the baby would be the end of the evil queen Bavmorda. To do so, Willow embarked on a grand adventure where he sought to protect the child while trying to end the queen’s legacy.

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What will happen this time in the new Willow series?

After an attack on the kingdom Tir Asleen, Princess Kit is forced to save her brother, Prince Airk. The prince is kidnapped by the enemy and is held captive, leaving us in suspense about what they intend to do with him.

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For this reason, Kit seeks all possible help and, accompanied by many warriors loyal to the kingdom, searches for the legendary Willow. For his part, the former farmer is already a legendary sorcerer whose exploits are told throughout the continent.

After being a bit reluctant, Willow joins the group on a dangerous quest, where he will have to face all kinds of dangers to save the world as they know it.The series will have eight episodes but an excellent cast, with characters like Warwick Davis returning from the past and others like the British actress Joanne Whalley.

Warwick Davis returns once again as the beautiful Willow Ufgood

Having played several roles throughout his life, Warwick Davis returns to one of the greatest of his career. Nelwyn Willow Ufgood’s Dwarf sorcerer is back to his old ways but filled with a repertoire of magical abilities from his years of training.

It is a character that is totally out of what is expected of a hero. Davis gives us a better vision of the reality that has been living for many years in solitary for Willow.

Sorcha, played by Joanne Whalley

The famous actress is reprising her role as the well-known Queen Sorsha, a warrior of legend and the daughter of the evil Queen Bavmorda. In the ’80s, the actress married Val Kilmer, who participated in the original film.

However, due to the actor’s illness, artificial intelligence had to be used to bring him back as her character Madmartigan.

Ruby Cruz as Kit

Ruby Cruz is featured in the series playing Kit, Sorsha’s daughter and princess of the magical kingdom of Tir Asleen. The actress declares that she finds her role a great opportunity, as it goes against all the stereotypical ideas people have about princes or princesses.

Dempsey Bryk as Airk

Young actor Dempsey Bryk appears as Airk, the son of Queen Sorsha and Kit’s twin. Previously the actor has participated in other series such as Black Mirror and even in the movie The Silence.

The actor states that Willow is a series that seeks to give us a place to look at the world differently while laughing and having fun more relaxedly. He also states that the series will allow us to see the world’s current problems and experiences in a different and much calmer way.

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Many other well-known actors as part of the cast

In addition to those already mentioned, other figures appear in the beautiful series. This cast promises to take us to a unique and incomparable experience that any other movie cannot give.

Among them, we have:

  • Sarah Bennet
  • Graham Hughes
  • Charle Rawes
  • Kenny Knight
  • Ralph Ineson
  • Alexis Rodney
  • Amar Chadha-Patel
  • Annabelle Davis
  • And many more.

Willow will be released this November 30 on Disney Plus

Not only can some of the original cast be seen in the series, but Ron Howard reprises his role as lead director. Additionally, we will see Jonathan Kasdan, Wendy Mericle, and others as executive producers.

The series already has an exclusive premiere date of November 30 and can only be accessed through the Disney+ platform.

We’re all wondering what Willow and her group will bring us this time. Fortunately, in a couple of days, we will be able to find out and relive this movie that gave us so much excitement in the past.

For now, you can subscribe to Disney+ to check their entire catalogue. Remember that if your subscription is annual, you will save a lot compared to the regular subscription.

Shaun M Jooste

Shaun M Jooste

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