Windows Insider Program unleashes game-changing Snipping Tool and Phone Link updates

Windows Insider Program unleashes game-changing Snipping Tool and Phone Link updates
Eray Eliaçık

Eray Eliaçık

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As part of Microsoft’s commitment to improving user experiences, the firm is rolling out exciting updates for members of the Windows Insider Program. These updates bring powerful features to two essential applications: the Windows 11 Snipping Tool and Phone Link.

Whether you’re a member of the Canary and Dev channels or part of the broader Insider community, these updates promise to enhance your productivity and creativity.

Text actions with Snipping Tool

One of the standout features of this update is the introduction of “Text Actions” to the Windows 11 Snipping Tool. With version 11.2308.33.0, Microsoft is empowering users to do more with their screenshots than ever before. Text Actions is a game-changer for anyone who frequently works with images containing text.

Imagine capturing a screenshot and effortlessly extracting text from it. No more manually typing out text from images; the Snipping Tool does it for you. To utilize this feature, click the Text Actions button in the toolbar after taking a screenshot. Instantly, selectable text appears, making it a breeze to copy text from any image for sharing or pasting into another application.

But that’s not all; Microsoft has made sure that Text Actions is versatile. You can quickly copy all the text from your image by clicking the “Copy all text” button in the toolbar, or for those who prefer keyboard shortcuts, use Ctrl + A and Ctrl + C to select and copy text. This update transforms the Snipping Tool into a powerful tool for extracting information from images, streamlining your workflow.

Text Actions doesn’t stop at text extraction; it also helps you protect sensitive information. You can redact sensitive data in your screenshots before sharing with just a few clicks.

Whether you need to hide emails, phone numbers, or any other text, the Snipping Tool’s “Quick Redact” feature is at your service. Alternatively, you can manually select text and choose “Redact Text” from the right-click menu. This ensures that your screenshots are not only informative but also secure.

Remote capture with Phone Link

The excitement doesn’t end with the Snipping Tool update; Phone Link (version 1.23082.123.0 or greater on PC) is also receiving a significant boost. This new feature takes the integration between your Android mobile device and your PC to the next level.

Imagine capturing a memorable moment on your Android device and instantly having access to it on your PC. Microsoft is making this possible through gradual rollouts of the new Phone Link feature. Now, whenever you snap a photo on your Android device, you’ll receive instant notifications on your PC, provided both devices are connected via Phone Link. This means you can seamlessly access and edit your most recent photos in the Snipping Tool, unlocking new creative possibilities and ensuring you never miss an opportunity to enhance your work with fresh visuals.


In the world of tech innovation, Microsoft continues to set the bar high, and these updates for the Windows Insider Program demonstrate their commitment to improving user experiences. With Text Actions in the Snipping Tool, users can effortlessly extract and redact text from images, while Phone Link’s remote capture feature ensures that your most recent Android photos are always at your fingertips.

These updates are not just about convenience; they’re about empowering users to be more productive and creative. So, if you’re a Windows Insider, get ready to elevate your digital workflow with these exciting enhancements. Stay connected, stay creative, and make the most of Microsoft’s commitment to excellence.

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Eray Eliaçık

Eray Eliaçık

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