Download Agenda For Windows 7 - Best Software & Apps | 3

  1. Keep track of the status of your daily tasks

    My Checklist is a simple tool to help you keep track your daily to-do list.This easy-to-use program for your PC allows you to add new items in one simple...

  2. Osmo

    • 3.3
    • (22 votes)

    Handy, lightweight personal information manager

    Sometimes simple is better, and Osmo is a good example of that: a simple, lightweight personal information manager that lets you handle all important tasks...

  3. Personalized calendars for friends and family

    Creating calendars can be fun and personalized versions make a great craft projects and gifts. Give yourself a professional edge with TKexe Kalender.TKexe...

  4. Effectively organize your notes and information

    Microsoft no longer offers a trial version of Microsoft Office OneNote 2010. You can download a free version of OneNote 2013 instead.Microsoft Office OneNote...

  5. My Calendar

    • 3.4
    • (101 votes)

    Get your life organized in every possible way

    My Calendar is a comprehensive scheduler that allows you to keep track of even more than just the daily tasks in your life.With six tabbed options to...

  6. A Solid Tool to Write and Sync Sticky Notes Across Computers

    Sticky Agenda is an application that lets you write, sync and manage sticky notes across different computers. Since the program is Java-based, it is...

  7. RedNoteBook

    • 2.6
    • (10 votes)

    A stylish, easy journal for all your notes

    RedNoteBook recreates the concept of the traditional journal, presenting you with an original application with which you can conveniently store your...

  8. Track your project progress with PomoDone

    PomoDone is a timer app that connects with your existing time management software to create timers for your various tasks. It's available as a mobile...

  9. Remember all your important tasks

    If you're the kind of person that needs to be constantly reminded of important dates, events and tasks, you need a program like To-Do Desklist.With this task...

  10. A Trial version Productivity program for Windows

    SoftXpand 2011 Duo is an amazing, trial version Windows software, being part of the category Productivity software with subcategory Agendas and has been...

  11. Chandler

    • 3.3
    • (8 votes)

    Open source organizer for your whole life

    Chandler is an open source organizer which lets you create and save notes and dates in your calendar.The interface is a little busy, but it really seems to...

  12. Minimalist desktop calendar

    Thin Calendar is a super basic calendar for people who like to have the date constantly in view. This little Thin Calendar when running simply adds a...

  13. Calme

    • 3.5
    • (143 votes)

    Easy app to create custom calendars

    One of the first things you need to take care of when starting a new year is getting a new calendar. But instead of buying a standard calendar like everyone...

  14. Complete personal information manager

    esyPlanner lets you easily organize your daily agenda at work, as well as any other pending task or important event that takes place in your life.esyPlanner...

  15. Design and print your own calendar easily

    Calendar Builder is a nice, trial version program only available for Windows, that is part of the category Productivity software with subcategory Calendars...

  16. A complete, portable personal information manager

    For those who like to have everything planned, here's a handy portable agenda you'll be able to take anywhere with you.myPortablePIM is a surprisingly...

  17. Excel template for creating personalized calenders

    Excel Calendar Template is a good, free program only available for Windows, belonging to the category Productivity software with subcategory Calendars (more...