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  1. Brain Rank
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    How to Maximize Your Brain Rank in Games and Blogs

    As of the release of the newest edition of Who Has the Biggest Brain, this game has achieved an overall rank of 276, as rated by the SCImago Journal Rank....

  2. Sudoku - A Great Brain Training Game

    Sudoku is a classic logic puzzle that is often used to train mental arithmetic skills. It is also a favorite game for many people. You can play this classic...

  3. Intense Brain-Twisting Puzzle Game for PlayStation 4

    This Static demo version offers players a unique glimpse into an unfamiliar world where wits and intelligence determine success or failure. While darkly...

  4. NE

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    Brain-teasing, number-crunching puzzle game

    I love a good logic puzzle but grow tired of playing the same kind of games all the time. That's why I enjoy testing new and original puzzlers like NE.This...

  5. Test your brain with this jail break adventure game

    Breaking the rules has never been more fun in the latest dynamic puzzler from Candy Mobile. Now you can put your grey matter to the test from anywhere with...

  6. Exercises for the brain

    People nowadays often become forgetful especially with a lot that is going on in their lives. NeuroNation - Brain Training is an educational app that aims...

  7. A free app for Android, by Brain Eaters.

    Dead Ninja Mortal Shadow is a free program for Android, belonging to the category 'Adventure'.

  8. V

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    V - Free to play brain challenge game

    V is a free to play game that challenges you to complete a simple yet challenging task involving answering a yes or no question correctly. It sounds...

  9. A free program for Android, by Great Casual Games.

    Troll Pencil: Brain Challenge is a free software for Android, belonging to the category 'Puzzle'.

  10. Free brain training app

    Elevate is an educational application developed by Elevate Labs. Free to download and use, this brain training program aims to improve brain functions...

  11. Free Game for Puzzle Lovers

    People who have a love for physics and want to put their grey matter to the test should check out Brain It On - Physics Puzzles. This game challenges players...

  12. Become the pinball wizard of the Old West

    It's difficult to find a decent pinball game on the iPhone - but Wild West Pinball is one that bucks the trend, offering a realistic and fun table-top...

  13. engaging game for Brainiacs

    The Moron Test! Is a unique interactive game that provides players with a number of different brain squeezing puzzles to solve. Players are given just thirty...

  14. A free program for Android, by Matchingham Games.

    Braindom 3: Smart Brain Games is a free app for Android, that makes part of the category 'Word'.

  15. Free brain teaser mobile game

    Displace It - Brain Finger is a free puzzle game from Zin Games for mobile. It comes with hundreds of brain teasers for players to solve. Here, you will have...

  16. Brain Wars

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    A free Puzzle app for Android

    Brain Wars is a free app for Android that belongs to the category Puzzle, and has been developed by Translimit, Inc. It's recommended for families, kids...

  17. A free program for Android, by Brain Craft Limited.

    Video Crop :editor Trim Cut is a free software for Android, belonging to the category 'Multimedia '.

  18. A free app for Android, by yunbu arcade.

    Brain Boom is a free app for Android, that makes part of the category 'Trivia'.