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  1. Free LEGO model design software

    LEGO Digital Designer is a freeware computer program that lets you build models with virtual LEGO bricks. Digital Designer uses an approach similar to...

  2. A new take on the classic brick breaker

    Bricks Breaker Arkanoid is a video game designed for your desktop or laptop PC. Based on the classic brick breaker game, Bricks Breaker Arkanoid is a new...

  3. Bust Moves and Bricks in The LEGO NINJAGO Movie Video Game

    The LEGO NINJAGO Movie Video Game is the official tie-in game for the smash hit animated film. Re-enact all of your favourite scenes from the film as you...

  4. A classic game of hitting bricks with balls

    Bricks and Balls is a game developed and published by GameStrap. The game features classic puzzle game mechanics that are intuitive and easy to learn. In...

  5. Free version of the classic falling bricks game

    Tetris Free is the official ad-supported free version EA's brick-dropping puzzle game for Android.

  6. Interactive Lego screensaver

    After playing with Lego Digital Designer a while ago, I still needed some more Lego fun so I thought this screensaver would do the trick. Briblo Screensaver...

  7. A free arcade app for Android, by Springcomes

    Brick Breaker Star: Space King is a free game only available for Android, that is part of the category 'Games' and the subcategory 'Arcade', and published by...

  8. A Free Action game for Windows

    Brick-Force is a useful, free Windows game, that belongs to the category PC games with subcategory Action and has been created by Infernum. Brick-Force is a...

  9. Mario breaks bricks in a game of logic

    Mario Forever Block Party is a powerful, free Windows game, that belongs to the category PC games with subcategory Puzzle (more specifically Logic) and has...

  10. Classic bouncing brick breaker ball arcade type game in 3D

  11. Combine similar bricks to make them disappear

  12. A free program for Android, by Gazzapper Games.

    Breaker Bricks 1976 Classic Arcade Brick Breaker is a free software for Android, that belongs to the category 'Arcade'.

  13. Bash More Bricks in Brick Breaker Premium 3

    Brick Breaker Premium 3 is the final game in the Brick Breaker trilogy. Take control of Blippy, who must destroy level after level of brick structures using...

  14. Superb 3D breakout clone for iPhone

    Old classics like Breakout never die out, but over the years they do evolve into something far beyond the wildest imagination of the original developers.If...

  15. Bricksmith

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    Virtual LEGO modeling for your Mac

    When I grew up, Lego was one of my favorite toys although I couldn't help losing bricks down the back of the sofa. Bricksmith eliminates this problem and...

  16. A free program for Android, by Yellow Bolt Studio.

    Brick Breaker Classic Adventure Free Offline Game is a free software for Android, belonging to the category 'Arcade'.

  17. The brick-matching favorite comes to iPad

    Tetris for iPad is EA's official version of the brick-dropping puzzle game. It proves to be a far more elaborate and engaging experience than the iPhone...