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  1. A note-taking app for the engineers and technically minded people

    CherryTree is not a simple note taking app like “Remember the Milk” or “Evernote.” CherryTree has forgone aesthetics and concentrates only on the mechanics...

  2. Powerful and customizable content management system

    Although blogs are now the most common way to be online, there are still people who prefer alternative web publishing methods like a content management...

  3. Simple content management with ProcessWire

    ProcessWire is a free PHP content management system (CMS) and content management framework (CMF), and a web application framework. The open source tool is...

  4. The game-changing content publication platform

    Ghost is an advanced open-source blogging platform developed for desktop. This program is built for publishers, entrepreneurs, developers, and other creators...

  5. A cool coding language that compiles into JavaScript

    CoffeeScript is actually the name of a coding language that tries to expose the “gorgeous heart” of the JavaScript language. The tool that the website offers...

  6. uKit

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    A reasonably simple website builder for businesses

    uKit is a website builder that tries to compete with Magento, but it functions a little more like Yola. uKit is a service that allows businesses to set up...

  7. RunCMS

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    Extensible content management system based on the v1 core of Xoops

    RunCMS is a powerful, free Windows software, belonging to the category Development software with subcategory Internet.

  8. Life management game with cubist graphics

    Crap I'm Broke: Out of Pocket is a game that replicates real life, players play the part of the lead protagonist who is facing eviction. By finding jobs and...

  9. concrete5 - Open source CMS for PHP developers

    concrete5 is an open source content management system. It enables developers to create websites quickly by providing a pre-built solution containing features...

  10. FileTrail - A Content Management System

    FileTrail provides an intuitive interface that lets you control all aspects of your data: storage, security, privacy, backup, recovery, and many more. You...

  11. Typo3

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    Typo3: Powerful Open-Source Content Management for Experienced Users

    Typo3 is an extensive open-source content management system. Thanks to its versatility and flexibility, it finds a wide array of applications. From corporate...

  12. Enablix - A Content Management System for Marketing and Sales Teams

    We are Enablix, a content management system (CMS) provider for Marketing and Sales teams in the B2B industry. The purpose of Enablix is to enable Marketing...

  13. Manage small business operations with GreenRope

    GreenRope is a comprehensive suite of business management tools that focuses on customer relationship management (CRM). This web-based system includes a wide...